Early Childhood Education

Program Description

Early Childhood Education is appropriate for those students planning to work with children from birth through eight-years-old. In order to meet New Mexico state competencies, the Associate of Arts degree for Early Childhood Education has specific course requirements. Sixty (60) semester hours are needed. Upon satisfactory completion of the Early Childhood Education core (29 hours), the student will be awarded a certificate from the State of New Mexico-Office of Child Development.


Suggested Course Sequencing


Semester 1   Credit Hours
 EN113  Composition & Rhetoric 3
 MA  Mathematics 3
 PS113 Intro to Psychology 3
ED213G Child Growth, Development & Learning 3
 ED123   Family & Community Collaboration 3
Semester 2    
 EN123  Composition & Literature  3
   Behavioral/social Science  3
   Lab Science  4
   Fine Arts/Humanities  3
 ED112  Professionalism  2
 ED222  Health, Safety & Nutrition  2
 Semester 3    
   Communications  3
 ED113B  Curriculum Development Birth -4  3
 ED112A  Practicum in Curr. Development Birth – 4  2
 ED213C  Assessing Children/Evaluating Programs  3
 ED223D  Intro to Language, Literacy & Reading  3
 Semester 4    
 ED113A  Guiding Young Children  3
 ED223C  Curriculum Development & Implementation Practicum 3-Grade3  2
 ED212  Curriculum Development & Implementation 3-Grade 3  3
   Elective  3
   Elective  3


 Career & Advancement Opportunities

The certificate and / or the Associate of Arts degree will be helpful in meeting the needs of students who plan to work with young children. Elementary Education students and teachers who want a firm foundation in working with children from birth through eight-years-old will find this program useful. The students should meet with an appropriate advisor in order to ensure the proper order and completion of classes. Graduates from the program may transfer to four-year institutions in New Mexico that grant bachelor's degrees in Early Childhood Education. In addition, graduates are equipped to serve as educational assistants or substitute teachers, or Head Start teachers / assistants, or childcare setting teachers / assistants.

Special Requirements

A minimum of fifteen (15) semester hours must be earned at NMJC. All courses, other than General Education Requirements, must be completed with a "C" or better. Many four-year institutions in New Mexico require a 2.5 to 2.8 grade point average in order to transfer.

Students receiveing a Certificate in Alternative Licensure in Elementary Education can apply for a full teaching license for Kindergarten through 8th grade in New Mexico through the New Mexico Public Education Department

Steps in Application Process

Graduation Requirements

Candidates for any associate degree offered by NMJC must meet the following minimum degree requirements:

  • A minimum of 60 acceptable semester hours must be earned.
  • A minimum of 15 semester hours must be earned at NMJC. The remainder may be acceptable transfer credits.
  • The student must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.
  • Transitional and / or developmental courses do not fulfill any of the above requirements.
  • Students will not be permitted to graduate if they have unresolved incomplete (I) grades on their academic record.