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Inventor's Workshop

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Thursday January 16   6:00pm

NMJC's Larry Hanna Training & Outreach Facility


Are you an inventor?    Do you have an invention?    Do you want to obtain a patent for an idea?  

Attend a FREE workshop on the essentials of obtaining a patent, hosted by New Horizons Foundation, Economic Development Corporation of Lea County, and New Mexico Junior College.

Register by calling 575-492-4710.   EDLC logo

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6:00pm              Welcome                                                                                           Dennis Holmberg
                            What is New Horizons Foundation (NHF)?                             Dennis Holmberg

6:10pm              Entrepreneurship                                                                          Gary Pankonien

6:30pm              Patent Essentials                                                                           Lance Anderson

6:50pm              Break:  Sign up for Breakout Sessions

7:05pm              Breakout Discussions (one-on-one time, attend as many as you want)

                            -  Patents, Do You Need One?                                                      Lance Anderson
                            -  Putting a Deal Together                                                             Gary Pankonien
                            -  Developing a Business Plan                                                      Brandon Hunt
                            -  Potential Funding Sources for Technology/Science              Dr. Myrriah Tomar

 Speakers and Facilitators

Lance Anderson Gary Pankonien Brandon Hunt Dr. Myrriah Tomar   Dennis Holmberg
Lance Anderson

Patent Attorney for NHF
Specializing in Intellectual
Property, Patent Law
and Technology

 Gary Pankonien
Entrepreneur in
Residence for NHF


Brandon Hunt
Director of NMJC's
Small Business
Development Center

 Dr. Myrriah Tomar
Director, Office of
Science and Technology,
New Mexico Economic

 Dennis Holmberg
Interim Executive Director
New Horizons Foundation



About New Horizons Foundation

New Horizons Foundation was formed in 2011 with the purpose of creating a place where business, community, academic, and other related resources can interact without the restrictions normally associated with this process, and without the boundaries of owned assets.

We are creating opportunities for investment in research-based and technology-driven new business ventures here in Lea County, New Mexico, in the heartland of the Permian Basin, the largest oil and gas reserves in America.  We're implementing an inventive way to bring proven technologies to market.

We welcome your interest in our portfolio of unique new technologies flowing from federal research labs, and in the inventive path we’re creating for you to take part in the knowledge economy that is redefining and reshaping the world in the 21st century.

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