New Mexico Junior College


Travel Recommendations for Students

  • New Mexico Junior College (“NMJC”) strongly encourages students to avoid travel, including, but not limited to spring break travel, to areas with active communitytravel form - students transmission of COVID-19. 
  • If students do decide to travel, they can stay prepared to address any changes in conditions at home by bringing a laptop (if available) and course materials with them.
  • A list of affected areas is available through the New Mexico Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control (“CDC”). 
  • NMJC recommends that you minimize travel even in the United States.  We recognize that for some, affected states are home – we urge students to talk to their families about best choices and make informed decisions based on your own circumstances. 

Students who decide to travel to any regions affected by COVID-19 during spring break or during the current travel suspension period, need to be aware of the possible ramifications of such travel.

Students traveling domestically or internationally to regions or areas listed as a Category 1 by the New Mexico Department of Health, or as a Level 2 or Level 3 Travel Warning by the Center for Disease Control may be subject to quarantine by public health officials. This may include mandatory quarantine at the point of entry, and the requirement of self-quarantine upon return to Hobbs.

Students should also be aware that the COVID-19 outbreak may cause disruption to their travels regardless of CDC travel warnings or state of emergency declarations. These disruptions may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Longer wait times at the airport and other forms of public transportation. 
  • Potential health screenings during your travel and upon arrival. This might include prior to entering the airport/train station; prior to security checkpoints, prior to boarding a plane.
  • Potential health screenings imposed by local governments.
  • Potential quarantine mandates by the local, regional, or national governments of your travel destination.
  • Longer wait times for the immigration process for those students traveling internationally, both in the destination country and return to the U.S.
    Limited access to public places (historical sites, museums, beaches, etc.).
  • Short-notice cancellation of events and large gatherings

The current outbreak of COVID-19 is evolving quickly. Students should continue to monitor the situation by checking the CDC and U.S. Department of State websites. This includes the CDC website which outlines steps to protect yourself from infection. 

We highly advise all students go to fill out the NMJC Travel form to report travel. The submitted information will be used to provide you with advice and guidance upon your return to Hobbs regarding COVID-19 exposure.