An Interview with NMJC Student, Bryana Henley

An Interview with NMJC Student, Bryana Henley

Bryana Henley

1.      Give a brief introduction of yourself:

My name is Bryana Henley. I am twenty two years old. I am a mother of two, and I am in my fourth semester here at NMJC.

2.      What attracted you to NMJC?

I was attracted to NMJC because of how affordable it was, and because it was local.

3.      What do you study at NMJC? When will you graduate?

I am getting my Associates of Science, and I will graduate in May 2020. 

4.      If you had to choose, what is your best experience at NMJC?

My best experience was being able to experience the different classroom settings and meeting new people. My favorite subject was definitely Biology with Professor Martinez. She is a great professor. 

5.      Do you consider that your experience at NMJC has enhanced your abilities and qualities on a personal and professional level?

Yes, definitely. Every class has shaped me and helped me to become the person I am today.

6.      Will you continue your education after graduating from NMJC? If yes, where?

I do plan on continuing my education. I hope to transfer to Texas Tech University, where I want to major in Plant and Soil Science. I wanted to go into a Horticultural program, and I plan to eventually go on and get my masters in Botany. [With that type of degree,] I will be able to work at a Botanical Garden or open my own vineyard. There are a lot of things I could do with a degree in Botany.

7.      Did you find it easy to make friends on campus at NMJC?

Making friends was very easy for me. I met a lot of great people and they vary in ages. There were so many students from different countries and people with all different personalities. 

8.      What would you tell a student that is considering NMJC, or your specific program of study, as an option?

I would tell them about the experiences I’ve had while attending, about the classroom atmosphere, how it is always welcoming and fun. The professors were always helpful when I was having trouble. When I needed guidance on my degree plan, the academic advisors were very helpful. The individual tutoring and all of the other resources that NMJC provides are pretty cool, too.

9.      Is there any advice you wish someone would have given you when beginning your education at NMJC?

I think one piece of advice would be not to hesitate to reach out for help. NMJC provides many tools and services to help students while they are attending and the professors are always willing to help when it comes to the student’s individual needs.