Board Agenda


 New Mexico Junior College 

Board  Meeting

This meeting will be streaming on TDS Cable Channel 19

and on the NMJC Facebook page.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Zia Board Room - Pannell Library

1:30 pm




A. Welcome Pat Chappelle
B. Adoption of Agenda Pat Chappelle
C. Approval of Minutes of April 20, 2023 Pat Chappelle
D. President’s Report Derek Moore
E. Information Items

1. NMJC Facilities Board Committee Update
2. Monthly Expenditure Report
3. Monthly Revenue Report
4. Oil and Gas Revenue Report
5. Schedule of Investments

Manny Gomez
Josh Morgan
Josh Morgan
Josh Morgan
Josh Morgan

F. New Business

1. Consideration of Five-Year Capital Plan
2. Consideration of Baseball Field Stadium Lights
3. Consideration of Industrial Training Building
4. Consideration of a Farm & Ranch Degree Program
5. Consideration of Revision to the NMJC Board Policy Manual
     Policies Nos. 300 and 303
6. Consideration of Revision of NMJC Employee Handbook
     for Addition of Policy No. 220.1 - Vehicle Policy & Procedures
7. Consideration of Re-appointment of Dr. Derek Moore to the NHF
    Board of Directors for a 3-year term

Josh Morgan
Josh Morgan
Josh Morgan
Jeff McCool
Scotty Holloman

Cathy Mitchell

Dennis Holmberg 

G. Public Comments Pat Chappelle
H. Determination of Next Meeting Pat Chappelle
I.  Adjournment Pat Chappelle