Musical Collaboration at NMJC's Cutting-Edge Studio

Musical Collaboration at NMJC's Cutting-Edge Studio

By Brittney Garcia


New Mexico Junior College (NMJC) is hosting a musical collaboration at its state-of-the-art Los Angeles-style recording studio, featuring three acclaimed artists: Cale Richardson, Black Vera, and William Boreing. The artists, from diverse musical backgrounds and renowned bands, have gathered at NMJC's studio to collectively produce a dynamic new song. They were drawn by the studio's exceptional facilities and the guidance of the NMJC’s Director of Entertainment and Music Technology Dustin Garrett.

Cale Richardson, revered as the pianist and lead guitarist for bands Josh Abbott and Eli Young, brings a wealth of musical expertise and innovation to the project. Joining him is drummer, Black Vera, known for his incredible contributions to the acclaimed Stocklyn band. William Boreing, the singer-songwriter and frontman of Stocklyn, also adds his distinctive musical prowess to this collaborative endeavor. These three artists, each with their unique musical strengths, have based themselves out of Austin, Nashville, and Los Angeles, respectively, while nurturing their creativity during the off-season in Lubbock, Texas.

The renowned world-class studio coupled with Garrett's guidance as a longtime friend and collaborator has drawn these artists to embark on a full-day recording session, allowing the creative process to flow seamlessly. Garrett’s longstanding connections with the artists, created during their college years, have led them to NMJC, emphasizing the institution's commitment to providing real-life experiences for its students within the workforce.

"We want to open up connections to those working in the industry for the main purpose of giving our students real-life experience in the workforce," expressed Garrett, highlighting the invaluable opportunity for NMJC students to network and establish connections within the music industry.

This collaboration stands as a testament to NMJC's dedication to creating a hands-on learning environment, providing its students with unparalleled opportunities to engage with industry professionals while gaining invaluable experience and networking opportunities.


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