LPN Option Available for Nursing Students at NMJC

LPN Option Available for Nursing Students at NMJC

By Susan Fine


To meet the healthcare needs of Lea County, New Mexico Junior College will offer a new Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) option for nursing students, beginning in Fall 2020. Students currently enrolled in the nursing program at NMJC have the opportunity to be employed as an LPN while completing the remainder of the RN nursing program.

Misty Stine, Director of Nursing at NMJC, is excited about giving nursing students the opportunity to become employed in the healthcare field, while continuing toward their RN degree.  “This option serves a need, and answers a call in the community for more nurses, while allowing students another education option.”

“Nursing students at NMJC who successfully complete Level 3 of the common, statewide NMNEC (New Mexico Nursing Education Consortium) RN nursing curriculum, along with a concurrent course about the role of the LPN, will receive an LPN Certificate from NMJC. They are then eligible to take the Practical Nurse examination, and can immediately begin work.”

LPNs are the frontline of nursing, interacting directly with patients on a daily basis, and providing basic bedside care. They maintain patient records, measure vital signs, administer and monitor medication, assist doctors and nurses with tests and procedures, and offer other basic needs for the comfort of the patient. LPNs have several possibilities on where to work, including hospitals, physician’s offices, nursing facilities, home health care services and much more.

“For people who want to provide care for others, becoming an LPN is a great way to fulfill that need in the healthcare profession,” states Stine.

Dr. Kelvin Sharp, President of NMJC said, “We expanded the CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) program last fall, based on requests from Lea County, and classes quickly filled. We received numerous requests to offer an LPN option, and are proud to meet that need. It not only gives the community additional healthcare professionals, but offers students a chance to work in the field, while studying to become a registered nurse.”

This new LPN option is another step in NMJC’s efforts to expand healthcare training, and create new employment options for students who want a career in healthcare.

All NMJC nursing students who wish to become an LPN must meet the certification coursework and pass the NCLEX exam (National Council Licensure Examination).

For more information, contact Misty Stine: mstine@nmjc.edu or 575-492-2514.