Eunice High School tours NMJC and Workforce Development Division

Eunice High School tours NMJC and Workforce Development Division

By Brittney Garcia


New Mexico Junior College (NMJC) recently collaborated with Eunice High School on providing an enlightening and educational experience for its senior class. On Jan. 22, approximately 50 students from Eunice High School had the unique opportunity to explore the diverse academic offerings and career pathways offered by NMJC.

Under the guidance NMJC’s recruiting and marketing staff and assistance from Workforce Development staff including, Dean Larchinee Turner and Executive Assistant to the Vice President Jessica Olivas, the senior class of Eunice High School embarked on a comprehensive tour of NMJC's campus, with a particular focus on the trade school programs offered by Workforce Development. “"The division of Workforce Development was excited to support in hosting the senior class of Eunice High School, showcase our program offerings, and collaborate with our local Lea County educational partner. We look forward to further conversations in the future." said Turner.

The tour began with an engaging presentation introducing the students to the wide variety of credit and non-credit options available at NMJC's Workforce Development department. We covered fields such as automation and industrial systems, CLD training, EMT training, Clinical Medical Assistant, Clinical Nursing Assistant, dental assistant, pharmacy technician, hazmat training, well control, lease pumper training, and many more.

To make the experience even more interactive and exciting, NMJC staff organized a panel discussion featuring NMJC instructors from the non-credit programs. This allowed students to gain insight into the various career possibilities and ask questions to further their understanding. To encourage active participation, NMJC Workforce Development staff created an interactive game complete with prizes. Prizes were also awarded to students who posed thoughtful and insightful questions.

After, the students participated in an in-depth tour of our credit programs within the Workforce Development department. Students had the privilege to explore hands-on experiences in cosmetology/barbering, automotive technology, and entertainment music and technology. This immersive tour allowed them to witness first-hand the facilities and educational resources available to NMJC students pursuing these career paths.

“The Eunice High School Seniors enjoyed their visit to NMJC and were excited to learn about the work force options that are available to them.  They are impressed with the facilities and enjoyed touring the campus and personal time the professors spent with them. The NMJC staff went above and beyond to provided us with a fun-filled and informative tour.” stated Rodney Lord, EHS teacher.

The collaboration between Eunice High School and NMJC demonstrates a commitment to empowering youth with knowledge, skills, and opportunities to thrive in the ever-evolving job market. “We look forward to seeing these students around campus in the future” said NMJC Recruiter Deira Fernandez.

New Mexico Junior College (NMJC) is a leading educational institution committed to providing success through learning and high-quality education to its diverse student body. Founded in 1965, NMJC offers a wide range of academic programs, certifications, and services to empower students to achieve their educational and career goals.

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