Graduation Marks a Momentous Occasion at New Mexico Junior College

Graduation Marks a Momentous Occasion at New Mexico Junior College

By Brittney Garcia


Hobbs, New Mexico - May 10, 2024 - New Mexico Junior College (NMJC) celebrated the academic achievements of its students at the Spring Graduation Ceremony held on May 10, 2024. The ceremony, hosted at the esteemed Lea County Event Center marked a significant milestone for the graduating class, comprising students who earned their Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, Certification, and High School Equivalency.

The evening began at 5:00 pm, where students, faculty, staff, and their families enjoyed pre-ceremony refreshments. It was a time of camaraderie and celebration, as graduates shared their accomplishments and embraced the end of their educational journey at NMJC.

Commencement began at 7:00 pm with welcoming speeches delivered by Derek Moore, Ed. D., NMJC President, and Jeff McCool, Vice President of Instruction. Their words resonated with encouragement and pride, acknowledging the dedication and perseverance exhibited by the graduating class throughout their academic pursuits.

The highlight of the evening was the commencement ceremony, where NMJC graduates proudly walked the stage to receive their well-deserved diplomas. Each step symbolized their hard work and determination.

This year's graduation witnessed an increase in the number of students walking the stage, reflecting a 14% rise compared to the previous year. In Spring 2023, a total of 245 students participated in the commencement ceremony, whereas in Spring 2024, the number rose to 290. This increase demonstrates NMJC's commitment to academic excellence and the success of its student body.

Sarah Edelbrock, Dean of Students, expressing her profound appreciation for the graduating class. She shared, "Commencement is my favorite time of year because it's when the NMJC Community celebrates our exceptional students for their achievements, diligence, and commitment to their academic pursuits. Witnessing the joy on the faces of graduates as they stride across the stage, accompanied by the resounding cheers of their supporters, is truly electrifying. Being part of their journey is an absolute delight!"

David Buckingham, Vice President for Student Services, also expressed his admiration for the graduating class. He remarked, "It is an honor for me to be a participant in my first NMJC Commencement, Go T-BIRDS! To be clear, graduation represents the culmination of much hard work on the part of students and professors. Likewise, it speaks volumes of the unwavering support provided by families for The Class of 2024."

The Spring Graduation Ceremony at NMJC served as a highlight of the transformative power of education and the boundless opportunities that await its graduates. As they step into the next chapter of their lives, the NMJC community stands united in celebrating their accomplishments and wishing them continued success.


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