2023 NMJC Leadership Institute

2023 NMJC Leadership Institute

By Valerie Onsurez Gauna


New Mexico Junior College Launches "NMJC Leadership Institute" in Fall 2023

HOBBS, NM — New Mexico Junior College (NMJC) is proud to announce the launch of the NMJC Leadership Institute, a comprehensive program designed to cultivate and develop the next generation of leaders. The institute, which began in the fall of 2023, is set to empower staff with essential leadership skills and experiences to succeed in their professional and personal pursuits.

The NMJC Leadership Institute is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at equipping staff with the knowledge, tools, and confidence necessary to excel as leaders in various fields. The program's curriculum encompasses a wide range of leadership topics, including:

· PURPOSE: Awareness of purpose is the underlying factor that maximizes relevant leadership. As an aspiring or current leader, one has to realize or come to an awakening of the purpose in their present or future roles and of institutional mission and vision. 

· PEOPLE: Meaningful interactions with people create necessary avenues of reflective leadership. To achieve paramount leadership potential, one must engage people in intentional and organic conversations while clearly understanding one’s own personality traits, strengths, and opportunities for growth.

· PROCESSES: Committing to consistently scrutinize the process is a fundamental characteristic of rational leadership. Leadership requires continual and in-depth inquiry, discovery, and feasible modification of organizational processes from an integrated standpoint.  

The NMJC Leadership Institute has an inaugural cohort of 20 staff members; seeking to enhance their leadership abilities. It is designed to complement their professional pursuits and prepare them for future leadership roles.

NMJC President Derek Moore, Ed.D., expressed enthusiasm about the institute's launch. “Intentionality of growing leaders is of utmost importance as we seek to maximize opportunities for student success and overall institutional excellence,” said Moore. 

NMJC President Emeritus Steve McCleery, Ed.D., also noted the important impacts of this initiative.  “Some ‘folks’ argue about whether leadership is an inherited trait or can someone learn how to become a better leader,” McCleery said. “I am of the opinion that the answer is yes to both. There is no doubt, some personalities are prone to make better leaders, but given the right leadership discussions and sound leadership information, and if the desire is there, everyone can become a better leader. In Jim Collin’s book “Good to Great”, Collins makes a Statement ‘good is the enemy of great.’ If good is the enemy of great, and I personally think it is, then we can never be satisfied with the status quo, and we/NMJC must be intentional and vigilant to provide a framework that utilizes sound leadership lessons to ensure aspiring campus leaders get every opportunity to help NMJC rise to the highest common denominator possible. Thus, the NMJC Leadership Institute is of paramount importance to stay on a path of being a great institution.”

NMJC Employee, Gary McDaniel speaks

About New Mexico Junior College (NMJC): New Mexico Junior College is a comprehensive, two-year public institution located in Hobbs, New Mexico. NMJC provides quality educational opportunities that are accessible, affordable, and responsive to the diverse needs of its students and community.

For media inquiries or additional information about the NMJC Leadership Institute, please contact Derek Moore, NMJC President.

Contact: Valerie Onsurez Gauna, Director of Engagement & Outreach, New Mexico Junior College, 575-492-2780, vgauna@nmjc.edu