New Mexico Junior College

Presidential Search Committee


Manny Gomez Presidential Search Committee Chair & NMJC Board Member
Kennedy Alila NMJC Professor of Chemistry
Hector Baeza NMJC Board Member
Ron Black Community Member
Francis Calderon NMJC Shipping & Receiving Department Clerk
Deron Clark NMJC Director of Athletics
Amy Coombes NMJC Director of Human Resources
Heather Davis    NMJC Professor of Biology
Brady Edwards   NMJC Professor of English
Mike Gallagher  Lea County Manager
Eric Garcia NMJC Director of Residence Life
Melanie Garcia NMJC Human Resources & Payroll Coordinator
Valerie Onsurez Gauna NMJC Scholarship & Marketing Specialist
Scotty Holloman NMJC General Counsel/Executive Director of Administrative Services
Diana Jimenez   NMJC Professor of Education
Dennis Kelley NMJC Director of Campus Security & Safety
Bill Kunko NMJC Director of Computer Information Systems
Dianne Marquez NMJC Dean of Arts, Sciences & Learning Support
Jeff McCool NMJC Vice President for Training & Outreach
Cathy Mitchell NMJC Vice President for Student Services
Gene Strickland Hobbs Municipal Schools Superintendent
Regina Palmer NMJC Cashier/Data Entry Assistant
Evelyn Rising       NMJC Board Member
Leticia Ojeda Ruiz NMJC Administrative Assistant - Applied Sciences & Learning Technology
Larchinee Turner NMJC Professor of Biology