Western Heritage Museum and Lea County Cowboy Hall of Fame


Past Exhibits



January 16-May 10

 zoo in you

January 16-May 10



Pollinators:  Keeping Company with Flowers

May 24-July 19



May 21-August 2




Artrageous Silent Auction

March 5-31, 2019

goose bumps

Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear

 January 24-May 12, 2019

rodin exhibit 



E Pluribus Unum

August 22-November 3, 2019

National Geographic   



 chartering freedom  sandra day o'connor


amnh dino 

 Dinosaur Discoveries:  Ancient Fossils New Ideas

January 26-May 14

nm dino 


  oil photos



wicked plants 

wickedly natural

Photos by April Dalphne

January 28-May 15 

theatrica  titanic 


bugs outside box

Bugs Outside the Box

January 22-May 3

wicked bugs

Wicked Bugs

January 22-May 31

light in desert

Light in the Desert: Photographs from the

Monastery of Christ in the Desert by Tony O'Brien

February 6-April 19

photo show

Community Photo Show

May 16-June 21


June 11-July 26


Photos by Michael Forsberg

July 30-November 10


bigger than trex 

January 23 - May 4


saddle up 

August 28-November 16



crime labe

January 24-May 5

photo show

Annual Community Photography Show

May 16-June 7

quilt show

Festival of Quilts

June 13-July 13

horsing around

July 27-September 15


Bold, Bent and Molded:  A Sculptural Invitational

September 5-October 18

art of fish

September 26-November 17


winter photo

Winter Photography Show: Featuring NMJC Students

December 7-19



eyes on earth

February 1-May 1

art show

District Wide Art Show

May 12-17

photo show

Annual Community Photography Show

May 20-June 9

quilt show

Festival of Quilts

June 14-July 14

power of the drum

September 6-November 30

photo show

NMJC Student Photography Show

December 9-19


prehistoric beasts

art show

District Wide Art Show

May 14-22

photo show

Annual Community Photography Show

May 26-June 12

quilt show

Festival of Quilts

June 16-July 16

underground of enchantment

Underground of Enchantment

September 1-October 9



waters extreme journey

February 1-May 2

photo show

Annual Community Photography Show

May 27-June 11

quilt show

Festival of Quilts

June-July 2010

cowboy photography

September 9-October 21


Historic Petroleum Stock Certificates

from the Heinrich Wenning Collection

October 28-November 23



liberty on the border

January 29-May 9

quilt show

Festival of Quilts

June 18-July 11


September 13-November 22

photo show

Fall Photography Show

November 17-December 4


Wonders of Weavers

January 18-March 15

Annual Photography Show

April 12-May 3

Festival of Quilts

May 22-June 7

Indelible (P)ink: The Pink

Panther and Popular Culture

June-August 31

Rio Grande Bravo!

Photography of Jon M. Smith

September 13-December



Making a Hand:

Ranch Children of New Mexico

July 7-August 31

Do you Remember?

July 27-August 31

Playa-Gems of the Plains

September12-October 13

Curtis Fort & Danny Stevens

Two Views of Life on the Llano


Desert Soliloquy

October 29-November 10

Home Town Christmas

Christmas Tree Forest

November 18-December 15