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Subscription databases provide an efficient means for finding journal, magazine, and newspaper articles as well as other reference information. If you are an NMJC student, faculty, or staff, and you want to access the databases from off-campus, you will need your Portal UserID and Password.

Academic Search Ultimate
American History
Civil Disobedience, Social Justice, Nationalism & Populism, Violent Demonstrations and Race Relations
Civil Rights Movement: Past and Present
Continental Congresses
Countries, Peoples & Cultures: Central & South America
Countries, Peoples & Cultures: Central, South & Southeast Asia
Countries, Peoples & Cultures: East Asia & The Pacific
Countries, Peoples & Cultures: Eastern & Southern Africa
Countries, Peoples & Cultures: Eastern Europe
Countries, Peoples & Cultures: Middle East & North Africa
Countries, Peoples & Cultures: North America & The Caribbean
Countries, Peoples & Cultures: Western & Central Africa
Countries, Peoples & Cultures: Western Europe
Countries: Their Wars and Conflicts, Second Edition
Critical Survey of Young Adult Literature
Defining Documents in American History: Secrets, Leaks & Scandals
Defining Documents in American History: Slavery
Defining Documents in World History: The Ancient World (2700 B.C.E.–c.500 C.E.)
Defining Documents in World History: Women’s rights (1429-2017)
Films On Demand: Master Academic Package

FMG Archival Films & Newsreels Collection
Great Events from History: African American History
Great Events from History: Human Rights, 2nd Edition
Great Events from History: LGBTQ, 2nd Edition
Great Events from History: The Ancient World, Prehistory-476 c.e.
Great Lives from History: American Heroes, 2nd Edition
Great Lives from History: American Women
History Reference Center

Oxford American National Biography
Oxford British National Biography
Pop Culture Collection
The 1910s in America
The 1920s in America
The 1930s in America
The 1940s in America
The 1950s in America
The 1960s in America
The 1970s in America
The 1980s in America
The 1990s in America
The 2000s in America
The Bill of Rights, 2nd Edition
The Criminal Justice System, 2nd Edition
The U.S. Supreme Court, Second Edition
Treaties in the News

U.S. History Collection 
World History Collection