New Mexico Junior College


T-BirdWeb Portal (QuickLaunch) Mobile App

Download the QuickLaunch mobile app and connect it to your T-BirdWeb Portal account. The QuickLaunch mobile app is available in both the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). Below are the steps to configure the QuickLaunch mobile app with your NMJC T-BirdWeb Portal account.

1.  Search for “QuickLaunch” in the Apple App Store or Android Google Play store and download the app. Click here for Apple or click here for Android.

QuickLaunch App Photo 1

2.  Launch the QuickLaunch mobile app and enter “NMJC” for the school name

  QuickLaunch App Photo 2

3.  Enter your username and password

   QuickLaunch App Photo 3QuickLaunch App Photo 4

4.  Select your MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) method

  QuickLaunch App Photo 5

5.  Complete the verification

QuickLaunch App Photo 6

6.  There are two different views to choose from

QuickLaunch App Photo 7QuickLaunch App Photo 8

7.  Enable Face/Touch ID (Optional)

QuickLaunch App Photo 9QuickLaunch App Photo 10