New Mexico Junior College


Dining Readiness

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Sodexo food service will be ready to serve the NMJC community with additional choices in ordering and delivery, consistent with the current quality, standards, and regulations.

Sodexo employees have undergone rigorous training on enhanced cleaning and service protocols. Technological and physical accommodations designed to reduce the spread of and exposure to COVID-19 include:

  •  Barriers and social distancing signage to control lines.

            -  Acrylic barriers at cashier stations.
            -  Elimination of self-service and buffet options.
            -  Signage, maps, and menus at the entrance to facilities.
            -  Flexible and layered protective equipment for all employees.

  • Tables will be arranged to provide appropriate social distancing.
  • Occupancy in the cafeteria will be restricted.
  • Service times will be extended to allow for reduced occupancy.
  • To-go options will be available to all students and employees.