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Lease Pumper Training


The 10 day Lease Pumper course combines classroom and on-     site training in basic Lease Operator responsibilities and  skills.                   Mornings:  classroom.               Afternoons: on location.                                      

The training includes:

o Oilfield safety training: OSHA 10 and H2S Awareness training.

o Well construction/completion: understanding the well and downhole equipment.

o Field recovery methods: understanding primary, secondary, and tertiary recovery.

o Artificial lift mechanisms: fundamentals of each type of lifting technique.

o Basic rod pump operation: the most common type of lift in the Permian Basin.

o Pumping unit operation: safe and effective operation and maintenance.

o Wellhead flow and maintenance: understanding the flows and valve operation.

o Tank battery vessels: flow, function, pressures, separation, controls.

o Use of gauge line and tank thief: safe and correct gauging and thiefing.

o Production calculations: Lease Operator math.

o Data input and basic computer skills: basic use of a computer and software.

o Chemical function and rate measurement: production chemical basics.

o Crude oil testing: measuring and understanding API gravity and BS&W.

o Regulatory compliance:  basics of regulations and standards.

o LACT Unit operation: function, reading, and troubleshooting.

o Kimray valve repair: troubleshooting and on-site repair technique.

o Murphy Switch: function and operation.

o Stuffing Box: function and maintenance including repacking.

o Heater Treater operation: function, flows, safe lighting technique.

o Shooting fluid levels: Echometer function, technique, calculations.

o Recirculation pump: purpose, potential issues, correct usage.

o Troubleshooting production issues: techniques to identify and correct.

o Landowner/BLM expectations:  safe, compliant, and courteous operation.

o Computer operation, basic levelterminology, parts, MS Word, and MS Excel.

o Resume preparation and interview skills:  resume and interview expectations.

During the location training, each skill is explained, demonstrated, and then the student is evaluated on his/her ability to safely and correctly complete the skill.

At the end of the course, a three part test (flows, math, general knowledge) is administered with a minimum score of 80% required to complete the course and earn a Certificate of Completion.  

Lease Pumper Training:  $1500

A $300 discount is available for early registration (two weeks prior to class). 

"Pump It Forward" is a scholarship fund providing partial scholarships for the Lease Pumper program.  This fund is supported by donations from past students, their employers, and future employers.   A limited number of $300 scholarships are now available for the October class.  Please come in, call, or email for a simple application

Information on how to share in a student's success:  Pump It Forward  

  10 day class is Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM, for 2 weeks.

   9 day class is Saturday through Sunday, 7AM to 5PM, for 9 days straight.

 Note:  At this time, no space is available in NMJC Housing.

To register:  Lease Pumper Registration

 Screening prior to registration:  Potential employers consider these a plus when hiring Lease Operators: basic computer skills, good driving record, clean background check, basic math skills, physically fit, mechanical skills, local roots, high level of integrity, good work history, drug free, safe work attitude, outdoor mentality, HS diploma or equivalent. 


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The Lease Pumper’s primary job responsibility: 

to safely produce, treat, and sell as much crude oil and natural gas  as possible at the lowest cost.               SOER Lease Pumper’s Handbook

The first priority of a Lease Operator is to work in a manner safe to you and those around you while complying with all applicable regulations.


NMJC Lease Pumper Training


This course is designed to provide training in place of experience for those seeking an entry level position as a Lease Operator.

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Instruction is provided by experienced oilfield personnel including:

  • Lease Operator,
  • Petroleum Engineer,
  • Computer Specialist,
  • Compliance Safety and Health Officer.

Classes beginning:

  •        November 5, 2018 Completed
  •        January 28, 2019  Completed
  •        March 4, 2019 Completed
  •        April 6th, 2019 Completed
  •          May 13th, 2019 Completed
  •          June 10th, 2019 Completed
  •          July 20th, 2019 Completed
  •            September 16, 2019  Closed     
  •          October 14, 2019                       Registering Now!
  •          November 11, 2019

 For additional class, registration, or scholarship information, please contact:

Director of Oil and Gas Technology

5317 N Lovington Hwy

Hobbs, NM 88240




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