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Zeak Williams Named to NMJC Board

Zeak Williams Named to NMJC Board photo
Dr. Steve McCleery, President, swears in Zeak Williams to the New Mexico Junior College Board.

8/29/2011 11:05:38 a.m. - Hobbs, NM. In a special session on July 20, former Hobbs mayor, City Commissioner, and County Commissioner Zeak Williams was officially named to the New Mexico Junior College Board.

According to NMJC President Dr. Steve McCleery, Williams is the natural choice to replace his wife, the late Yvonne Williams, who passed away last month. "No one can ever fill Yvonne's shoes," said McCleery. "She was an invaluable, respected, and well-loved Board member, and her loss to NMJC and to this area is tremendous. When we looked around to see who could possibly fill the Board vacancy left with her passing, the only viable choice was Zeak Williams, who has more practical experience than anyone around," he said.

"Zeak is the perfect choice when you consider his experience as mayor as commissioner for both the City and County, not to mention the knowledge gleaned from national meetings in terms of governemnt and governance," said McCleery. It was mentioned at the special session that Williams, after accompanying his wife to Board training meetings throughout the years, had become well versed in that process as well.

According to McCleery, some people may be surprised to learn that Williams was a world-class athlete, who got his start at Hobbs High School. That experience, McCleery pointed out, both sets him apart and prepares him as well. "In track, in the 100-yard dash, Zeak's times were phenomenal – among the top in the world. The experience and knowledge gained from that level of competition is an education unto itself."

For the remaining Board members, the loss of one clear and valued is tempered by the addition of another, who will undoubtedly bring new perspective and vision. For McCleery, who will be retiring next year, the selection was personally significant. "Zeak's substantial experience, his long-term personal investment in Lea County, and his caring, gentle spirit all combine to help build the synergy, community, and shared vision that will continue to grow the College. That makes him the perfect choice for NMJC."


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