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Addressing the Workforce Needs of Lea County and Economic Development

8/29/2011 12:40:46 p.m. - Hobbs, NM. New Mexico Junior College (NMJC) utilizes Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. (EMSI) to project training needs for business and industry. EMSI is a national firm specializing in developing economic, demographic, education, and employment-based information. The company is a subscription-based service that offers access to a wide range of statistical data and enables organizations to create unique models based on variables deemed relevant/important to Lea County. The power of the data is found in the immediacy of access—NMJC can do the modeling through a website link and receive immediate results—and the range of databases used by the service to develop the results. The models created can report current data, past data, or look into the future. New Mexico Junior College routinely uses the information for enrollment purposes, workforce planning, program planning and review, and economic impact analysis. The website for the service is

New Mexico Junior College maintains robust partnerships with business and industry, and the College meets weekly with business and industry leaders to assess the training needs as well as evaluating the effectiveness and relevance of our current training. Through the NMJC Training and Outreach Division, NMJC serves approximately 4,500 students annually (non-duplicated). The Training and Outreach Center specializes in non-credit customized training, workforce development, professional development, and community educational opportunities. Additionally, NMJC offers a comprehensive program of Career Technical courses that lead to a certificate or a degree.

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