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NMJC Students Hit the Jackpot with Zia Park Casino

NMJC Students Hit the Jackpot with Zia Park Casino photo 12/12/2011 2:15:24 a.m. - Hobbs, NM. New Mexico Junior College students who are looking for a part-time job that not only works around their class schedule but also pays well, provides free meals, offers full-time benefits, doesn’t require a vehicle, AND reimburses them for college tuition have, well, hit the jackpot. 

Located just south of NMJC, Zia Park Casino recently put together a package of incentives and perks specifically for NMJC students. According to Olga Randolph, Director of Human Resources at Zia Park, the tuition reimbursement program will give NMJC students $1,000 per calendar year to use toward school expenses, including books, fees, and tuition after only 90 days of employment.

Students also earn paid time off for vacation use, plus enjoy one free hot meal per shift.  Most importantly, NMJC students can be certain that their work schedules won’t interfere with their school schedules and functions.

Although students must be 21 or older to work many of the positions at Zia Park, there are still plenty of positions for 19-year-olds as well.  In addition, Zia Park pays $5 to $6 per hour base pay for tipped positions, which is higher than many area restaurants currently pay.

“Anyone who would like to have a career with this company has a great opportunity to use their education and skills to pursue many managerial positions,” said Randolph.  “For example, marketing students can work in promotions, advertising, and player analysis positions; finance and accounting graduates can pursue exciting careers as financial analysts, department supervisors and managers, financial controllers and directors. Information technology majors are in high demand to work in IT departments as support specialists, database administrators, programmers, systems analysts, and IT managers.”

According to Randolph, the only prerequisite to working at Zia Park is being enthusiastic, motivated, and customer-service oriented. 

NMJC students who are interested in positions at Zia Park Casino or who would like more information should contact Veronica Serna in the NMJC Financial Aid Office at 575.492.2564 or apply online at

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