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Camp Crossfire at NMJC

Camp Crossfire at NMJC photo 8/13/2008 5:39:54 p.m. - Hobbs, NM. Recently, New Mexico Junior College was host to a unique summer camp - Camp Crossfire. Youth involved in rodeo often miss out on summer camp because it conflicts with rodeo events. However, Camp Crossfire is held later in the summer, before school resumes, to give these children the chance to enjoy a short but intense getaway.

Held around the last of July, Camp Crossfire's focus is to draw young adults closer to God through Bible study, fellowship and worship services. Cowboy Junction Church of Hobbs, New Mexico, is the primary sponsor of the camp. Most of the kids involved this year were either in the church's youth group or had heard about the camp from those in the youth group
Youth attending the camp ranged in age from 13 to 19 and were mostly from the local area, with a few from Texas and Colorado. Under the guidance of 30 counselors and staff who volunteer their time, the youth attended devotional studies, workshops, worship services and recreational activities on the NMJC campus. The young rodeo participants stayed in NMJC's new Carroll Leavell apartments and ate their meals in the campus' cafeteria.

"We are blessed to have NMJC," said Cigi Allen, one of the camps' counselors and director for much of the program. "I have been to other camps, and they are not as nice as this one."

ecreational activities included outdoor games, goat roping, dummy roping, and water games. Late night activities such as a dodge ball tournament and a bonfire were also held in the four days that the camp was held.

We hope that the kids left with an excitement and passion to grow and walk with God," she said, "and we hope that they had a great time."

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