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Governors Taskforce Meeting Held at NMJC

7/24/2008 3:24:20 p.m. - Hobbs, NM. On the afternoon of Wednesday, July 23, 2008, New Mexico Junior College was host to the Governor's Taskforce Poverty Meeting. Seven members of the Taskforce, including chairpersons Rick Homans and Susan Tiano, and Executive Director of the Office of African American Affairs Harold Bailey met with members of the community to discuss the issue of poverty in New Mexico.

Tiano stated that the purpose of these meetings, that are being held statewide, is to deal with the three levels of poverty discussion: describe the situation, elaborate on the causation of it, and propose a course of action.

We want to hear from you," said Bailey. "Tell us, is poverty a reality to you? What are the factors of poverty? And what do you want us to take back in our report to the governor?"

omans began the meeting with a description of the Taskforce and how information from the statewide meetings would be collected and placed in a report due to Governor Bill Richardson by September 5, 2008. After this, he opened the meeting to comments from those in attendance.

f the 15 to 20 who attended, at least 8 people stood up to speak on issues such as the need for affordable housing, realistic rent charges, development in south Hobbs, and programs for those whose income disqualified them from assistance, along with the problems of substandard housing and difficulty in getting Section 8 officials to come to the area.

fter Wednesday's meeting, the taskforce has moved on to other areas of the state, but as Dr. Bailey said, "We will come back."

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