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Outstanding Students Honored at NMJC

Outstanding Students Honored at NMJC photo 4/23/2008 9:02:18 a.m. - Hobbs, NM. At New Mexico Junior College's 36th Annual Outstanding Academic Achievement Recognition Ceremony, held Tuesday, April 22, in Watson Hall Theatre, approximately 50 students were honored for excellence.

Chris Polson, Associate Dean of Students, and Dr. John Gratton, Vice President for Instruction, welcomed over 180 faculty, students, family, and friends to the ceremony. Presentations to freshmen and sophomore students were made by representative members of each department.

In the Division of Math and Sciences, 17 awards were presented. Where there are two names presented in a category, the first is classified as a freshman, and the second is a sophomore. They are as follows:

Athletic Training - Travis Thompson-Campbell; Dr. Richard Lloyd, presenter
Biology - Jessica McGraw and Laura Gabaldon; Dr. Brenda Pierce, presenter
Chemistry - Jessica McGraw and Matilda DeAnda; Dr. Vic Berner, presenter
Government - Ryan Thompson; Dr. Stephen Townsend, presenter
Government/International Relations - Stephanie Rodriguez; Dr. Patty Emmerich, presenter
U.S. History to 1877 - Jessie Callaway, Dr. Stephen Townsend
U.S. History from 1877 - Meagan Gonzales; Dr. Patty Emmerich, presenter
Mathematics - Sean Daugherty; Charlotte Schmitz, presenter
Mathematics - Rakhsana Farooq; Patricia Youngblood, presenter
Physical Education - Andy Lewis and Elena Flores; Nelda Helms, presenter
Physics - John Klassen; Joel Keranen, presenter
Psychology - Jennifer Ferguson; Richard Steinhaus, presenter
Sociology - Billy Factor; Jose Garcia, presenter
Sociology - Monique Bolden, Richard Steinhaus, presenter.

In the Division of Careers and Technology, 22 awards were presented as follows:

Accounting I - Sarah Hayes; Robert Guthrie, presenter
Accounting II - Shalaine Britain; Robert Guthrie, presenter
Architectural/Drafting Technology - Chris Polacek and Maryellen Baeza; Michael Henderson, presenter
Automotive Technology - Bill Evans; Terry Halladay, presenter
Business - Bridgette Davis; Toni K. Dunn, presenter
Business - Brandi Varner; Chris Howell, presenter
Computer Information Systems - Bridgette Davis and Jeannie Burrow; Angila Shook, presenter
Cosmetology I - Amy Mapp; Shelby McCorvey, presenter
Cosmetology II - Claudia Puebla; Maria McCreesh, presenter
Cosmetology III - Sheri Friday; Maria Vick, presenter
Cosmetology IV - Amy Ojeda; Maria Vick, presenter
Ford Motor Company ASSET Program - Edgar Aguirre and Fred C. Frazier; Dr. Randy Whicker, presenter
General Motor Company ASEP Program - Cody Breshers; Sam Gilcrease, presenter
Macroeconomics - Melinda Jacobo; Jeff McCool, presenter
Microeconomics - Jade Young; Jeff McCool, presenter
Nursing - Bridgett Posey; Kim Webb, presenter
Nursing - Leticia Flores; Delores Thompson, presenter
Office Technology - Cherie Sager; Sue Black, presenter
Welding - Jose Vizcarra; Earl Nymeyer, presenter.

In the Division of Arts and Humanities, seven awards were presented as follows:

Art - Maria Brumley; Sandra Luckett, presenter
Early Childhood Education - Deidre Priest; Lynda Newman and Ruth Wong, presenters
English - Corin Olivas and Jennifer Ferguson; Pete Mladinic, presenter
Performing Arts in Music - Krystal Lavendar and Brandi Campbell; Dr. Yau-Sun Wong, presenter
Performing Arts in Theatre - Cecily Coleman; John Rice, presenter. Coleman also received a
1000 NMJC Drama Club Scholarship to any four-year college or university in the United States.

Four awards were given in the Division of Public Safety, all of which were presented by Rebecca Titus. They were Criminal Justice - Jessica Emerson and Maribel Martinez, and Legal Studies -Amanda Baker and Marlene Henry.

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