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NMJC Thanks Legislators

NMJC Thanks Legislators photo 4/17/2008 3:55:45 p.m. - Hobbs, NM. In an intimate and informal setting, far from the hustle and bustle of Santa Fe, New Mexico Junior College recently took the opportunity to say a heartfelt thanks to five area legislators for their tremendous service to the college.

On the evening of Wednesday, April 16, Senators Gay Kernan and Carroll Leavell, along with Representatives Don Bratton and Shirley Tyler, were presented certificates of appreciation and letters of gratitude signed by student-athletes after a dinner in the Daniels Conference Room in the Ben Alexander Student Learning Center. Representative Keith Gardner was unable to attend.

Richie Lewis, a Thunderbird basketball standout from Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as an accomplished piano player, set the mood for the relaxed evening by providing background music which one attendee dubbed "soothing and professional."

President Steve McCleery thanked the legislators for their individual efforts that, together, create what he called "perfect synergistic energy." He reminded those in attendance, including NMJC Board members Larry Hanna, Pat Chappell, Phil Jones, Guy Kesner, Mary Lou Vinson, and Yvonne Williams, along with NM Secretary of Higher Education Dr. Reed Dasenbrock and UNM Vice President of Distance Learning Dr. Gerry Dominguez, that students are our business. "NMJC's mission promotes success through learning and is achieved by excellence. Excellence, in turn, generates momentum, and momentum moves the institution forward," he said. NMJC's success, excellence, and momentum are due in large part, he explained, to the efforts of the five legislators who tirelessly worked in New Mexico's 2008 legislative session to procure funding for the college in the following areas:

House Bill 2 - General Appropriation: $7,366,500-Funding; $127,400-Athletics; $80,700; $25,000-Oil & Gas Training Center.

Senate Bill 165 - "Junior": $241,600-Athletics.

Senate Bill 471 - Capital Outlay: $1,500,000-Central Plant Upgrade; $45,000-Baseball Field; $50,000-Oil & Gas Training Center.

Senate Bill 333 - G.O. Bond Issue: $3,500,000-Central Plant Upgrade.

President McCleery concluded with the following observation, "We've prospered, and we've been blessed. . . and to build a strong culture, we must celebrate events such as this."

And so, Senators Gay Kernan and Carroll Leavell, and Representatives Don Bratton, Keith Gardner, and Shirley Tyler, thank you from all of New Mexico Junior College for giving us one more reason to celebrate.

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