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New Mexico Collegiate Business Articulation held at NMJC

New Mexico Collegiate Business Articulation held at NMJC photo
Wearing a T-birds baseball cap, Former Governor Garrey Carruthers (second from left) speaks with Athletic Director Don Worth (far left), Head Baseball Coach Cory Hall (center), and President Steve McCleery (far right)

4/7/2008 8:35:59 a.m. - Hobbs, NM. One of the greatest worries a student may have when starting at a college or university is that course credits will not transfer. Thanks to the New Mexico Business Articulation Consortium, this is no longer a problem in regards to business courses taken at 30 different two- and four-year institutions in the state.

Over Friday, April 4, and Saturday, April 5, the Consortium representatives gathered in the Daniel's Conference Room of New Mexico Junior College for their annual Spring meeting. Serving as the Consortium's co-chairs are Robert Guthrie, Professor of Accounting at New Mexico Junior College, and former New Mexico governor Garrey Carruthers, now Dean of Business at New Mexico State University. Last year, Guthrie was elected by consortium members to represent the two-year institutes, and Carruthers was re-elected this session to serve for the four-year institutes. They are pleased at the ongoing progress made by the Articulation agreements, which for over 10 years has continued to smooth the transfer of business credits between the involved institutions.

Dean Carruthers explained how a system is in place between members of the Consortium that allows them to match courses from other members to their own. In the future, he says, this system will be replaced with one collective course number for each business class. This means that no matter which of the schools students attend, they will know that the business courses they take will count as the same course at any other Consortium member school. In addition to the simplicity seen by Dean Carruthers, Guthrie noted the time, effort, and money saved by being able to easily transfer classes and only having to take a class once.

The Articulation Conference is held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. This session was the second to be held at New Mexico Junior College and hosted approximately 30 schools. Representatives included vice-presidents, deans, or faculty members from each school. Holding the conference at different institutions each time allows members to see what is happening in other schools. This conference ensures all know the expected outcome for the Consortium and permits any difficulties in credit transfer to be worked out.

Carruthers dubbed the program as "student-centric" and says students can have confidence that any business course they take will transfer to other participating New Mexico universities and colleges.

In attendance representing New Mexico State University's main campus were Garrey Carruthers, Kathy Brook, Liz Ellis, Chris Howell and Jim Nelson. Also in attendance were Glenda Elser from the Alamogordo campus, Jon Strahan from the Carlsbad campus, and Betty Harbiger from the Grants campus.

Representing the University of New Mexico were Ann Brooks, Joel Castellanos and Laurie Schatzberg.

Representing Eastern New Mexico University of Portales were Gerry Huybregts, Gene Smith, Sue Stockly and Veena Parboteeah. Representing ENMU-Roswell were Tom Ahern and Joan Arnold.

Representing New Mexico Highland University was Emmanuel Nkwenti.

Representing Western New Mexico University was Curtis Hayes.

Representing New Mexico Military Institute was Terri Castillo.

Representing Central New Mexico Community College were Dawn Addington, Henry Alaniz, Chris Burns, Susan Culter, Marian Matthews and Suzanne Prescott.

Representing Clovis Community College were Becky Carruthers and Terry Davis.

Representing Dona Anna Community College were Jon Juarez and Kim Seifert.

Representing Luna Community College was Renee T. Garcia.

Representing New Mexico Junior College were Toni K. Dunn, Peggy Gratton, Robert Guthrie, Jeff McCool, and Mary Jane Ward.

Representing San Juan College were Paula Baxter and Doug Coyner.

For more information contact Robert Guthrie at (575) 492-2532 or

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