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NMJC Offers Stress-free Classes

1/14/2008 1:58:11 p.m. - Hobbs, NM. Students who would like to take college courses for fun, without worrying about exams or mandatory attendance, will be glad to learn that New Mexico Junior College is offering a remedy this spring. Students can enjoy all the benefits of a classroom or online experience without the hassle of test taking or concerns over attendance simply by auditing classes. The main difference in a 'for-credit course' and an 'audit course' is that no grade - and therefore no credit - is given.

According to Dr. Michele Clingman, Dean of Enrollment Management at NMJC, many people would like to take courses on a particular subject, but they're put off by the thought of keeping up with homework, taking tests, or maintaining regular attendance. "Auditing a class is a great way to enjoy learning without pressure of any kind," said Clingman. "People can learn more about a topic or program they're interested in, but there's no pressure to perform. People just need to keep in mind that when they audit a class, they don't receive credit for it, so it doesn't count toward a degree."

Starting this spring, NMJC has even begun offering a new incentive for some students. "Students who are 55 and over can take classes -- or audit them -- without having to pay institutional fees," said Clingman, "although they'll still have to pay tuition. But with NMJC's low tuition, it's really a great way to take interesting classes for fun."

Students can sign up to audit regular spring semester classes through Friday, February 1, and can choose from almost any class that is being offered. Tuition costs for audited classes are the same as for credit courses. Students can also audit classes in NMJC's second 8-week session for the spring, which begins March 10 and continues only through May 2 since audit students are not required to take final exams.

To register to audit a class at NMJC or for a list of spring classes, please visit, come by the Registrar's Office at 5317 Lovington Highway in Hobbs, or call 575.392.4510.

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