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NMJC Waives Institutional Fees for Students 55+

NMJC Waives Institutional Fees for Students 55+ photo 1/7/2008 12:23:54 p.m. - Hobbs, NM. A number of students at New Mexico Junior College are beginning to enjoy some of the benefits that come with age -- and not having to pay certain costs is definitely one of them.

A generous new NMJC policy, which was Board-approved last September, waives all institutional fees for any student 55 years of age and older, beginning this semester. The policy pertains to in-district, out-of-district, and out-of-state residents, and covers online courses as well. In some instances, that adds up to a considerable savings.

According to Dan Hardin, Vice President for Finance, institutional fees include the college's General Usage Fee, which is $15 per credit hour, and Course Fees, which range from $15-$40 per course. While some programs have other, specific fees that cannot be waived, the savings realized on institutional fees could more than adequately cover the total cost of NMJC's already modest tuition for some students.

Hardin says he feels the policy encourages continuous learning. "The Board wants to ensure that everyone has access to education and the benefits that education provides, especially for those on fixed or limited incomes. It's a great opportunity, and I really hope people will take advantage of it. Classes start January 14, with late registration through January 18, so there's still time for people to start this semester."

Holly Dean, 56, a nursing student from Denver City, Texas, was thrilled when she first learned about the policy. "I thought it was pretty wonderful when I learned that out-of-state students could have out-of-state tuition waived if they qualified for a scholarship, and that alone helped a lot. But this is just as good. In my particular case, this couldn't have come at a better time. My husband's had some serious health problems, and this is such a godsend."

Dean says that had she known about all the opportunities that NMJC provides, she wouldn't have put off getting her education until now. "NMJC has so many ways and opportunities to get an affordable education, from scholarships and grants to various ways of financing, and this is just one more great opportunity. I've always been very happy with New Mexico Junior College, but this feels a little like winning the lottery."

For more information about the institutional fees waiver for students 55 and over, please call the Office of Financial Aid at 575.392.5172.

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