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NMJC Baseball Field Upgrades

NMJC Baseball Field Upgrades photo 11/16/2007 9:00:00 a.m. - Hobbs, NM. As New Mexico Junior College's baseball team is moving forward under the direction of new Head Coach Cory Hall, so is the actual baseball program with substantial upgrades to the baseball field itself.

New Mexico's Higher Education Department approved funding for NMJC to install high-quality synthetic baseball turf in October. Not only will the college have a beautiful baseball field, NMJC will adhere to the Governor's request to save on natural resources. With the installation of the new turf, an estimated three million gallons of water per year will be saved, not to mention fertilizers, pre-emergents, and the high cost of using mowers.

Since October, six inches of grass and topsoil have been removed from the original field, which was recycled for use at NMJC's new rodeo arena. Grades have been placed as a crown for rain and water drainage, as well as installation of drainage piping have begun.

Soon, crushed fill material will be installed to prepare the surface for the new turf. The project's completion is expected sometime in January.

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