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LCWN Gives Honor to Nursing Coordinator

12/9/2016 6:15:32 p.m. - Hobbs, NM. {Story by Dorothy Fowler, Hobbs News Sun]

Misty Stine, coordinator of the first-year nursing program and of levels one and two for first year students at New Mexico Junior College, has diplomas and certificates on the walls of her office, along with the many textbooks on the shelves. Now has a crystal plaque to display.

The plaque is the symbol for the Lifetime Career Achievement Award, given to Stine during the annual Lea County Women's Network banquet earlier this month.

Stine, who is barely 40 years old, is young to have received a lifetime achievement award, but she has earned it during the 22 years she's been involved in the nursing program, first as a student when she was only 19 and now as an instructor/coordinator for the program.

"I had two kids when I started," she said. "And I knew I had to go to school and get it right if I wanted to graduate. Going to nursing school was hard then and it's still hard."

After she earned her R.N., she worked in the emergency rooms at both Lea Regional and at Nor-Lea hospitals, sometimes at both places at the same time.

"Being here at the college is probably the most regular hours I've ever worked," she said. "And it is so wonderful when you've worked with a student who is struggling and you see the light turn on and know that he or she gets it."

Stine began her job as coordinator at a time that was not most convenient for her.

"The previous coordinator left suddenly and I was planning to have surgery in late November, soon after she left, so I spent my recuperation time getting ready for the next semester," she said.

Getting ready for the next semester entailed more than making lesson plans. The program was in the process of changing the way it presents lessons to student nurses. Presentations which before had emphasized detail began to be more conceptual, "to encompass broader-based content. It didn't change the content, but the way it was presented so that students could make the connections between how one condition affects another," Stine said.

Stine said making the necessary instructional changes was a challenge she could not have met without the help of a great team of instructors.

"It was a great deal of work. but we had a great team. I couldn't have done it without them," she said. "All I wanted was to get the job done and do it right."

Stine was surprised when she received a written invitation to the banquet.

"Shannon Allen, who came to work at the college at about the same time I did, kept telling me I had to go to the (LCWN) banquet with her and so I did. I had no idea I would get award until they called my name," Stine said. "I am so proud of it. Anytime you win an award, it's good for you personally and professionally. I am very appreciative and grateful for it."

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