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NMJC Expands Energy Tech Degree to Include Petroleum Emphasis

6/27/2016 10:44:35 a.m. - Hobbs, NM.  

New Mexico Junior College has expanded its Energy Technology degree to highlight Petroleum Technology as an emphasis area.  The Energy Technology program is for students who want to earn an Associates of Applied Science in either Nuclear Energy or Petroleum Technology.

“Petroleum will continue to be a major source of income in Lea County,” says Courtney Puryear, Director of Energy Programs at NMJC. “Several big oil companies with room for promotion are targeting entry level technicians who have a two year degree.”

Four oil and gas courses have been added to the curriculum for a total of 71 credit hours for the AAS degree.  The four courses are Intro to Oil and Gas, Recovery and Production Methods, Drilling Technologies and Operations, and Physical Geology. These courses were chosen based on industry feedback, and the knowledge that employers expect their workers to possess.

“We have full scholarships that will pay tuition, fees and books,” continues Puryear. “I have also been working with local companies to start internship programs for the Energy Tech students.  This lets students get hands-on-knowledge while companies evaluate potential employees.”   

Puryear said she will continuously ask for feedback from industry partners about the rigor of the classes, and how well they're preparing their future workforce. 

She is also proud of the knowledge and experience of the professors for these courses. “All of the Energy Tech professors are not only passionate about education, they are all experts in the subject, with hands on expertise about the industry.  The program’s excellence starts with the professors.” 

For more information on the Energy Technology program: Courtney Puryear – 575-492-4714.

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