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NMJC Training & Outreach Ranks Top in the State Again

NMJC Training & Outreach Ranks Top in the State Again photo 5/6/2016 11:22:16 a.m. - Hobbs, NM.  

New Mexico Junior College’s Training and Outreach (T&O) Division has solidified its place in the state as the number one school in workforce training for total number of students trained two years in a row.

“This is great honor to be recognized for the very important work we are doing,” said T&O Vice President Jeff McCool. “The Training and Outreach staff maintains a goal-oriented focus to be the very best at what we do, and results like this continue to provide motivation as we plan for the future.”

The division prides itself on staying ahead of the curve through offering short-term, high-skill and high-demand trainings to fuel the region’s industries and workforce needs.

“The trainings that we offer include oil and gas safety; heavy equipment operator training; leadership; customer service; Command Spanish; computer software (MS Office; Adobe); human resource training; communication; well control/blow out prevention; and, conflict management, to name a few,” said Workforce Training Coordinator Steve Sauceda.

For T&O staff, the new standing for their group is even more rewarding because the group was able to reach so many people despite one of the biggest economic downturns in the region in several years.

“Staying focused, and identifying opportunities is the hardest thing to do when the economy is down,” said McCool. “Theoretically, slowdowns provide the best time to train, but the flipside is the fact that funds are more limited during a downturn. We believe that diversity and balance are critical to maintaining success through the ups and downs of the business cycle.”

NMJC’s T&O division beat out 13 other community colleges in New Mexico, including schools with much larger surrounding populations to draw from, for the number of people served in workforce training offerings.

“When we reached No.1 for the 2013-2014 year, it was a major goal accomplished,” said Sauceda. “To be No.1 two years running in total people trained statewide, is continued affirmation to provide training that is solely driven by demand. We are partners with our communities and the region.”

While many of the trainings through T&O are oil and gas related, Sauceda said the T&O staff has made large strides in offering a variety of trainings that span several industries and local economic needs. This has helped the group to excel in its efforts and to respond to area industry trends. Some new trainings for T&O include a new instrumentation and controls program and a lease operator program complete with a new oil and gas training pad designed to be a mock well site. Additionally, the group has added two new CDL trainings to its original three-week training—a one-week and two-week training for advanced and intermediate drivers. The three-week school is designed for beginner drivers.

For more information about NMJC T&O, please call 575-492-4716

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