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Training & Outreach Launches New Trainings & Programs

9/11/2015 11:09:30 a.m. - Hobbs, NM.  

NMJC’s Training and Outreach (T&O) Division is staying ahead of the curve and offering new trainings to help boost local workforce skills and employment opportunities during the oil and gas industry slowdown.

"Industry outlooks continue to show that despite a slowdown in the drilling side of the oilfield, the production side along with employment opportunities related to that part of the oilfield remain strong,” said NMJC T&O Vice President Jeff McCool. “We have developed our trainings to meet industry demand in our area and have many new trainings that help feed the increased demand on the production side.”

Some of these new programs and trainings include Instrumentation and Controls, Lease Pumper and Math for the Oilfield trainings as well as a new Two-Week CDL Training that targets intermediate level drivers. All these new programs directly impact local oil and gas production industry, but also offer other skills that can benefit other industries as well, including manufacturing, electrical and industrial maintenance. and treatment plants.

The new Instrumentation and Controls Program kicks off its first trainings next week, Sept.14 & 15, 8am-5pm daily with Workplace Safety including OSHA 10 certification, and Sept. 17&18, 8am-5pm daily with Maintenance Tools & Fasteners. This program has several trainings in which students may specialize in Basic Industry Skills, Mechanical Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance, or Electrical & Instrumentation individually, or complete certifications in all areas.

NMJC’s T&O Division will also unveil its new Lease Pumper Training Oct.5-16, 8am-5pm daily. The 10-day training is designed to give students a basic understanding of the duties of a Lease Pumper, including safe work practices, downhole fundamentals, lift mechanisms, tank battery operations, daily production gauging and analysis, crude oil sales and record keeping. Students successfully completing this training will receive an OSHA 10 card and receive training in Microsoft Excel and Word, specifically for production analysis.

“Simple things like accurate measurements, calculations, and basic computer skills are an important part of a pumper’s job,” said Kelly Tooker, Director of Oil and Gas Technology. “Our students will receive valuable training in these areas as well as the overall production process.”

Aside from the new Lease Pumper Training, Tooker recently unveiled a new Math for the Oilfield training. This course was designed to meet the needs expressed by oil companies. Math skills including accurate measurements and calculations are key for both surface and downhole work. Upcoming Math for the Oilfield trainings will be Sept.16, and again Sept.30, Oct.22, and Oct.29. All trainings are six hours from 8am-2pm. This training is also a prerequisite for the Lease Pumper training.

Another area of the local and regional workforce that is holding strong in employment opportunity is the trucking industry. NMJC’s T&O staff have continued to add CDL training opportunities to keep up with this demand. Earlier this year, Luisa Ruiz, Director of Transportation, added the One-Week CDL Training and in July, she unveiled the Two-Week CDL Training. These programs were designed to complement the original Three-Week CDL Training. The One-Week training is designed for drivers with advanced skills, the Two-Week program for intermediate-level drivers and the Three-Week for beginners.

“We quickly realized that there was a need for more training opportunities to better accommodate drivers with varying levels of truck driving skills and experiences,” said Ruiz. “The addition of the One- and Two-Week trainings allow us to respond better to the needs and experiences of our students and to more effectively reach them.”

Ruiz has also added a new HAZMAT Prep Training that is designed to help students prepare for the HAZMAT endorsement test through the state.

Staff with the T&O Division specialize in offering professional development and customized training for the region’s industries. While Oil and Gas training has been a large part of the workforce training at NMJC, T&O staff have developed several trainings spanning the energy industry and more. Staff also encourage people to look into increasing their skills during economic slowdowns.

“I have lived in Lea County my entire life and have been in this position almost nine years – the best time to train is when things are a bit slower,” said Customized Workforce Training Coordinator Steve Sauceda. It is ideal to capitalize on the time available and take the trainings that are put off because of the lack of time. We do serve the oil and gas industry but our ability to offer customized trainings stretches beyond oil and gas training.”

“Training and Outreach offers a variety of key workforce trainings for Lea County and the region that have an immediate and positive impact on the area’s overall economy,” said McCool. “It is important to connect with the community and continually showcase the many training opportunities we provide locally, while continuing to connect with area groups about future training needs.”

The Larry Hannah Training and Outreach Center is also available for companies and organizations to host board, community and safety meetings. If you would like to tour the facilities or receive more information about any of these items, please contact Rachel Gallagher at 575-492-4716.

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