Student Organizations

Campus Ambassadors
Phi Beta Lambda
Student Government

The following clubs are recognized by NMJC as active, productive groups, which have a positive impact throughout the campus community.

Organization Sponsor(s) Contact Information
Band Club Yau-Sun Wong 575.492.2844
Campus Ambassadors Natalia De Jesus 575.492.2545
College Campus Democrats Patty Emmerich/Linda Connell 575.492.2814/575.492.2835
College Campus Republicans Vicki Gann 575.492.2874
Drama Club John Rice 575.492.2846
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Jeff McCool/Kim Latimer 575.492.2641/575.492.2780
Mu Alpha Theta Shyla McGill 575.492.2819
Phi Beta Lambda Robert Guthrie 575.492.2532
Phi Theta Kappa Maria Vick/Maria McCreesh 575.492.2850/575.492.2852
Skills USA Shelby McCorvey/Robin Porter/Jill Henning 575.492.2851/575.492.2805/575.492.2535

For a description of the purpose and function of any of the above listed clubs, please contact the sponsor directly, or the Student Life office.

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