Placement Testing

All first-time college students who have not taken an ACT or SAT within the past three years are required to take an English, reading, and math assessment prior to enrollment. Other students wishing to take their first college English, math, or reading-intensive course must also be assessed. The college currently uses Accuplacer. However, ASSET and Compass scores are also honored. Test scores are valid for three years for placement purposes for English and reading. Test scores are valid for one year for math.

Accuplacer is a computer adaptive test designed to assess a student's math, English and reading skills. The test is used to determine what a student remembers and maybe has forgotten. The test is not a pass or fail kind of test, but an assessment to determine the best class for a student. This test is given to students who have not taken the ACT or SAT, and may also be given to those students who have taken the ACT or SAT but are dissatisfied with their scores. The first time the test is taken, there is no charge. A student may opt to take the test again after two weeks, and at that time the test will cost $5.00 per test section. The test is administered in the Testing Center in the Ben Alexander Student Learning Center, and it is given all day long. It will take approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete, but it is not a timed exam. Students obtain referrals for the test from the Counseling Office.

English – The English portion of this exam requires the students to read a short essay and find grammatical and English usage errors. To prepare for this portion of the exam, students should review basic English grammar.

Math – This portion of the exam begins with elementary algebra questions. Depending upon how a student does, the test either moves to higher levels of math (more algebra and trigonometry) or to lower levels (arithmetic). To prepare for this portion of the exam, students should review whatever math they have had, starting with basic arithmetic and progressing through algebra and trigonometry.

Reading – The reading section is simply a reading comprehension exam. Students are asked to read an essay and answer questions about the essay. Students should re-read the essay before they answer questions.