Disabilities Services Office (Special Needs Services) -- Services for Students with Disabilities

Disability Services is the official contact for students with disabilities who request academic support and accommodation. Through the office, students with documented physical, learning or psychological disabilities have access to a variety of services including, but not limited to, tutoring, extended time, modified testing, audiotape textbooks, note taking assistance, and large print materials.

Students must self-identify with the office and may provide appropriate documentation of a diagnosis of disability from a credentialed professional, (i.e., physician, psychologist, educational diagnostician, or other qualified provider). Eligibility for services is based on the documentation, which should include diagnosis of the disability, information regarding effects/limitations, and suggestions for reasonable accommodations.

The office of Disability Services is available for consultation concerning eligibility and services Monday through Friday. Students are encouraged to stop by the office or call to make an appointment to discuss services as soon as possible to allow sufficient time for planning for accommodations.

Each semester the student will be responsible for:

For additional information consult the ADA Manual or contact:

Kelly Rueda – Counselor
New Mexico Junior College
1 Thunderbird Circle