New Student Orientation

Orientation programs at NMJC are designed to help new students begin college successfully. Orientation is strongly recommended for all students.

Orientation is offered in two ways, through an online program on the college’s web site at or through live sessions offered by Enrollment Management. Orientation is designed to provide information regarding the college’s major academic and administrative policies, purposes and locations of helpful offices and services, and keys to success in the classroom. For information on times and dates of live sessions, contact Sonya Agnew at 575.492.2577 or


Study Skills/Orientation Links
Great site for self-help study skills
Tips for success in mathematics
Sites with general study information and tips for studying and writing for specific disciplines


About Your Grade Point Average

GPA is short for Grade Point Average. The GPA on the NMJC transcript is the average of all points earned for all the class hours completed at NMJC. The NMJC GPA does not include transfer work.

Types of GPA

  • Current Term (Semester) GPA - The GPA earned only for the courses taken in a specific term/semester
  • Cumulative GPA - The GPA for all of the hours attempted at NMJC

Instructions for how to find your NMJC GPA in the TBird Web Portal are located at Find My GPA

Instructions for calculating an NMJC GPA are located at Calculate My GPA