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Operating Procedures


New Mexico Junior College video conferencing systems are operated by the Distance Learning / Instructional Technology in the division of Training and Outreach.

  1. Instructional Technology will:
    1. Take reservations for all NMJC video conferences. Instructional Technology will work with the Events Coordinator in order to verify room availability and ensure appropriate billing costs.
    2. Coordinate, test, and verify connections for all appropriately scheduled video conferences.
    3. Resolve operational problems with all NMJC owned video conferencing equipment.
    4. Provide training in the use of the NMJC video conferencing equipment.
    5. Find in-room facilitators for meetings and classes as requested. Compensation for facilitators will be included on the after conference invoice.
  2. Video Conferencing Facilities:
    1. The primary use of a video conference room is to facilitate the reception and delivery of both credit and non credit courses.
    2. Meeting requests from non NMJC entities are scheduled through Instructional Technology, and are subject to the current video conferencing fee structure.


All video conference requests will be made through the Instructional Technology.

  1. Scheduling precedence.
    1. Regularly scheduled distance learning classes
    2. Regularly scheduled meetings
    3. Ad hoc classes
    4. Ad hoc meetings
  2. Classes not delivered via video conferencing should not be scheduled into a video conference room unless all other rooms are already reserved.
  3. Meetings times and locations are not guaranteed until a confirmation is received from the Events Coordinator.
  4. Institutions outside of the New Mexico Junior College that wish to use NMJC as an endpoint should submit their request the prior semester in order to ensure adequate space.
  5. Requests should be made to or by calling 575.492.2648.


Access will be granted to video conferencing rooms on an as needed basis.

  1. Instructional Technology will coordinate with the Events Coordinator to ensure that NMJC Security is aware of any video conferences on campus.
  2. Having security aware of the conference allows for:
    1. Facilities to be unlocked before use.
    2. Checking on participants throughout the conference.
    3. Facilities to be locked up after use.
  3. Emergency phone numbers will be available in each video conference classroom.


  1. Instructional Technology will be responsible for supporting all video conferences.
  2. Problems with video conferences or video conferencing equipment will be reported to Instructional Technology.
  3. Every attempt will be made to resolve the issue during the conference time.
  4. All scheduled video conferences will be tested prior to the event.
  5. Instructional Technology will provide training to those wishing to use the NMJC video conference equipment.
  6. Charges will not be incurred for the time conferences are unavailable at fault of the NMJC.

System Charges

Charges for system will be based off of the desired use of the equipment.

  1. Costs associated with NMJC video conferencing services can be found on the “New Mexico Junior College Video Conferencing Services Fee Schedule”.
  2. Costs include room charge and additional per hour video conference equipment charges.
  3. Entities requesting ISDN connections will be subject to an additional bridging fee to be determined at the time of the conference.
  4. An invoice will be sent to the requesting party after the video conference.
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