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Billing Information

The video conferencing services provided by New Mexico Junior College offer the convenience of face to face meetings with others without having to travel to a distant location. NMJC uses state of the art equipment to provide IP based video conferences with other entities throughout the country and around the world.

Fee Guidelines

Reservation for a video conference includes the cost for use of the system, and the rental cost for the room used ($45 per room).

Fees are based on the desired use of the video conferencing system other than NMJC delivery of instruction. First hour usage includes room charge. Subsequent hourly rates are for video conferencing services only.

 Organization TypeFirst HourEach Additional Hour
a.NMJC campus-linked organizations
(for example – participating in a meeting with
colleagues on other campuses, providing an
in-service program for a community partner).
b.Educational organizations outside of NMJC$75.00$30.00
c.Non-profit Organizations outside of NMJC$65.00$20.00
d.For-profit Organizations outside of NMJC$75.00$30.00
e.Organizations linking out of country$90.00$45.00
f.Institutions interested in using NMJC as an
endpoint for instruction.
$400.00 per semester 
  1. Organizations outside of the campus will be charged for time used beginning 30 minutes prior to the call and ending 30 minutes past the call. Additional charges will be incurred at 15 minute increments should the call continue beyond the reserved time.
  2. Users outside the campus will be charged for room usage per the college schedule.

Guidelines for Use

  1. Scheduling of video conferencing systems must be done through Instructional Technology at 575.492.2648 or
  2. Video conferencing services will be provided for events that are not instructionally-linked based on equipment available.
  3. A test call will be completed at least one day prior to the scheduled call to assure that connections can be completed.
  4. Outside users must cancel at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled call or they will be charged for the full amount of call time scheduled.
  5. Should an unplanned interruption of the call or an equipment failure occur, charges will accrue only for the time used.

Additional Information

  1. Additional fees will be assessed for users that connect to an entity using ISDN based calling services. The current additional fee is $75/hour, for each hour the conference is in session, but may be changed without notice.
  2. Fees may be waived if the meeting is a New Mexico Junior College co-sponsored event.
  3. All fees are subject to change without notification.
  4. An invoice will be forwarded after the event has taken place.
  5. Charges may be billed on ΒΌ hour increments.
  6. Contracts/MOU’s are available for those interested in long term video conferencing options.
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