Online Orientation

Tools for Success

Successful students tend to have several of the following characteristics: good time- management, consistent class attendance, involvement in campus activities, occasional visits with instructors outside of class, regular visits with counselors or your faculty advisor, off or on-campus employment, involvement in special programs, and attendance at relevant workshops and events.

If you have difficulty in a class for whatever reason, be sure to discuss your academic problems with your instructor. NMJC has resources to help you be successful!

Course Syllabus

A syllabus is a contract between the instructor and the students. It describes the goals, objectives, rules, and policies of the course and NMJC. It also outlines when class assignments are due and the dates tests will be given. A syllabus also has the faculty member’s office hours, office building and number, and information on getting in contact with them.

Students may access syllabi each semester by logging on to the NMJC website. Click on “Current Students” then “Faculty Pages.” Select the name of the faculty member teaching the course in which you are interested. The faculty member’s schedule and courses for the specific semester will appear. Select the course number and click on it, thus bringing up the syllabus for that given semester.

Time Management

It is important to consider all aspects of your life when planning your class schedule. Consider such things as how many classes you can realistically handle, what time of day or night is best for classes or study, and even such things as choosing whether to take classes three days a week, two days a week, five days a week, or online. Your schedule should allow for sufficient class time, study time, work time, and leisure. A general rule when planning your weekly schedule is to plan at least two hours of study per week for each hour of class in which you are enrolled.

Academic Success Center / Tutoring

A tutorial program is available to NMJC students at no cost. The student should not expect tutoring to take the place of the course instructor. Rather, it is offered as a supplement to instruction. It is possible to receive one-on-one, online, and group tutoring. To be a tutor or to receive tutorial assistance, call 575.492.2623 or visit the Academic Success Center, located in Mansur Hall.

Online Tutoring / Brainfuse

Experience live, personalized eLearning using a collaborative virtual classroom to access expert tutors. Brainfuse subject offerings include: College Writing, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Customer support is available.

Open a new window to bookmark Brainfuse in your favorites.

Library Services

Pannell Library is located in the center of the campus. In addition to traditional instructional and research materials, Pannell Library offers the latest computerized databases, a comprehensive media library, Internet access, reference services, interlibrary loans, a public photocopy machine ($.10 per page), and a public fax machine ($1.00 per page). The Library is a State and Federal Depository for governmental documents.

Pannell Library is also home to the C.M. Burk University Center which is made up of nine classrooms, one conference room, and restrooms, and houses offices for Eastern New Mexico University, New Mexico Tech, the University of New Mexico, and other four-year colleges and universities that provide area residents with direct access to bachelor and master degrees. For library hours or for more information call 575.492.2870.

A tutorial is also available to help you use all the resources available at your library. Check it out!

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is an official publication of the college’s academic policies and regulations. Policies that pertain to your safety and welfare are in the Handbook. Students are strongly encouraged to obtain a copy of the Student Handbook and Planner at the Student Life Office. If you have any questions, be sure to contact personnel in Student Life.

Distance Learning students should also read the Student Handbook by going to