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Student ID

What is my Student ID?

At the time of admission or re-admission, students are assigned a system generated student identification number. If a student applies for admission online, they receive an onscreen acceptance letter with their new Student ID number which is also referred to as their “A#.” When a student applies in person, the Registrar’s Office gives the student a card with their A# written on it.

How is it used?

Your student ID number (A#) is used to identify your records at NMJC. Students may use their student ID number to log in to T-BirdWeb Portal and Canvas. Click the arrow to the right to learn more about both of these services.

ID card

T-Bird Web Portal

T-BirdWeb Portal is a comprehensive online system that allows you to view and check your new NMJC email address, register for courses online, view your current class schedule, account summary, grades, financial aid information, and much more. To access the T-BirdWeb Portal, go to Click on “myNMJC” then “T-BirdWeb Portal.” You must have your student ID number (A#) to login.


NMJC students who enroll in an online or web-enhanced class will be required to use Canvas, an online learning system. Please note that these courses will not be available for login on Canvas until the first day of classes.

To login, click on the Canvas button on the NMJC homepage at Use your student ID number as your user name and your portal password for your password.

A Help Desk service is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the academic semester for students who may be experiencing access issues. For assistance, contact the NMJC Canvas Help Desk at or for immediate help by calling 575.399.2199.

NMJC Email Account

All NMJC students are given an email account. NMJC uses email as an official means of sending information to students. Official communications include reminders of important dates such as deadlines to pay tuition and fees, apply for graduation, etc.

To Find Your NMJC Email Address

Go to On the NMJC home page, click on the link "myNMJC." Click on “T-BirdWeb Portal.” To login, enter your student ID (A#) and password. From the home page of the T-BirdWeb Portal, click on the “Student” tab. Under “Personal Information” click on “View E-mail Addresses.” There may be multiple email addresses on the page. Find your NMJC email address and remember it.

To Check Your NMJC Email Account

Your NMJC email account is accessible through the T-BirdWeb Portal. While logged in through the T-BirdWeb Portal you will notice near the top right of the screen there is a blue envelope button with “E-mail” underneath it. Click on the envelope button to access your email account. A new window will appear, allowing you to stay logged into the T-BirdWeb Portal.

To Forward Your NMJC Email Account

Once you log in to your NMJC email account, you may forward your NMJC email to your favorite email account (i.e. Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) at your own risk. NMJC is not responsible for the security of forwarded email. At the Outlook Web Access screen, please click on the "Rules" link in the lower left-hand corner. Click on the "New" link on the toolbar to create a new rule. In the window, "Edit Rule: Outlook Web Access – Web Page Dialog," enter your email address in the "Sent to – People or Distribution List" area. Then, click the radio button next to the words "Forward it to" and enter the address of your favorite email account. If you want to save a copy of the email in your NMJC account, make sure there is a check mark in the box next to the words "Keep a copy in my Inbox." Otherwise, if the box is blank, a copy of the email will not be saved to your NMJC email account. Click the "Save and Close" button on the tool bar and then click logoff. All email sent to your NMJC email account will now be forwarded.

Changing Your Class Schedule

Adding/Dropping a Class During the Enrollment Period

If you do not want a class, want to drop all of your classes, want to change a class, want to take the class at another time, or want to add a class, you can do it during the enrollment period. This is the first week of a long semester and the first two days of a 5-week summer session. You always need to check the academic calendar to verify the date. If you do not drop a class, you might still be enrolled and subject to grades and tuition and fees for the class. Dropping during the enrollment period allows you to receive any appropriate refund. By not dropping a class you could be charged for the class. Remember to always check your schedule to verify that you have the class and times that you want.

Dropping a Class or All of Your Classes After the Enrollment Period

Hopefully you will be able to complete the classes that you choose. But sometimes it is necessary to consider dropping a class. After the last date to enroll for a specific term, you can drop a class or all of your classes. Before you drop a class it is advised that you check with the instructor, your academic advisor or a counselor to learn the pros and cons of dropping and to investigate if there is a way to complete a class. Dropping a class can affect financial aid eligibility for the next semester, status for veteran’s benefits, and athletic eligibility. You should not assume that you will be dropped for not attending. It is your responsibility to drop a class. If you do not, you will still be enrolled and subject to a grade. By officially dropping before the deadline, you will receive a grade of “W” on your transcript.

How to Drop a Class

You can drop a class by completing the paperwork in the Registrar’s Office, by going online to T-BirdWeb Portal, or by faxing or sending a written request to the Registrar’s Office with your name, student ID number, your specific request, and your signature.