College Success


  2. A. Course Title: College Success
    B. Course Number: PS 113A - 30188
    C. Semester: Fall 2017
    D. Days/Time: M T W Th F 12:30:00 PM - 2:25:00 PM
    E. Credit Hours: 3
    F. Instructor: King, Erin
    G. Office: Heidel Hall (HH) 108D
    H. Email Address:
    I. Office Phone: (575) 492-2804
    J. Office Hours: Tuesday: 02:30:00 PM-02:45:00 PM (MST);
    Thursday: 02:30:00 PM-02:45:00 PM (MST);
    If I am not in my office, check my classroom HH 131. Class times are Monday - Friday 8:30 - 10:25 AM and 12:40 - 2:25 PM. (Tentative.)
    K. Time Zone: Mountain Time
    L. Prerequisite(s): None
    M. Corequisite(s): None
    N. Class Location:

    This is an introduction to college life and surveys topics from policies and procedures to career exploration. This course outlines strategies the student can use to achieve a successful college experience. The emphasis is on the attainment of superior personal and academic skills. This is a three credit hour course.


    This is a general education course. There is no guarantee that PS 113A will transfer to most two or four year colleges for credit. Information concerning articulation agreements with regional colleges and universities can be obtained at the NMJC Counseling Office. It is important to check with the institution to which you are planning to transfer to determine transferability. All students are encouraged to keep the course syllabus as it will help determine the transferability of this course credit to another institution.



    Becoming A Master Student
    ISBN-13: 978-1-285-19389-2


    Classroom notebooks and writing equipment

    You can buy your books online at the NMJC Bookstore.


    Students attending New Mexico Junior College will be evaluated according to the following grading scale:

    						90 - 100%	=	A
    						80 -  89%	=	B
    						70 -  79%	=	C
    						60 -  69%	=	D
    					 	 0 -  59%	=	F

    40% Attendance
    25% Chapter Activities and written assignments
    15% Test
    20% Final Exam


    New Mexico Junior College’s institutional student learning outcomes represent the knowledge and abilities developed by students attending New Mexico Junior College. Upon completion students should achieve the following learning outcomes along with specific curriculum outcomes for respective areas of study:


    1.Students will apply appropriate academic skills commonly recognized to lead to success in education and their careers.
    2.Students will develop critical thinking skills to solve problems, navigate ethical dilemmas and evaluate relevant issues.
    3.Students will apply necessary life skills in order to know self and contribute to a diverse community.


    1. Gain insight into how their own learning is best achieved through a learning skills inventory.
    2. Develop a time management system that will allow them to balance all aspects of life and reach the goals which they have set.
    3. Discuss note taking skills and develop a system that works for them.
    4. Recognize the importance of effective communication and other personal skills like money management and good health.
    5. Recognize the value of diversity that comes in many forms throughout academics and life.
    6. Recognize the importance of success skills in their life.


    Students will be held responsible for the information on these pages.
    Attendance Policy
    Attendance (NMBBC regulations):
    Regular and punctual attendance is expected and important to the attainment of the educational objectives of this course. Attendance is required at all sessions. All absences are recorded and reported to your high school.
    If you miss more than 10 days per semester you will not receive college credit and will not be allowed to return or continue on to the next semester and will be dropped from class. Any special circumstances should be brought to the attention of your Instructor before this point is reached.
    School sponsored activities (sports, field trips, testing, etc.) are considered excused absences and the sponsor of those students should notify the ACT Academy instructor (King). Students should have a schedule of all sports turned into the instructor as well, ASAP. Students having absences due to school sponsored activities will be permitted to make up work; however, arrangements for make-ups should be made within a reasonable time frame. Usually within one week of the absence is enough time. It is the responsibility of the student who missed the work to get the assignments and work out a time frame to retake missed quizzes or tests.
    Regarding make-up work, absences due to late registration are considered the same as regular absences. Good attendance is vital to your success as a professional Cosmetologist.

    The State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologist require you attend daily. All hours, are recorded and filed. Classes meet Monday through Friday. You do not receive hours if you are absent.

    *****DO NOT call the Cosmetology Department if you will be absent; they do not record your absences and will not be responsible for reporting them to us. ******

    If you are out for a doctors appointment (of any kind) please bring in your school excuse, a copy will be made and kept in a file for you.

    Remember there are no free-will excused absents, it is either in two categories: Free-Will or school sponsored.
    Free-will is that you missed it for whatever reason, and it was not school sponsored as in sports, testing, etc. Examples of Free-Will are, but not limited... Doctors appointments, giving blood, shopping, sick, dont feel like coming to class, car accident, fish dies, toe hurts... you get the idea..
    School sponsored- Just to name a few... testing, [all juniors have to test], cheerleading, band, drama, Skills USA, football, etc...

    Please remember that your sponsor needs to email the Mrs. King to excuse your absence.

    Uniforms are required for participation in the program. Failure to wear uniforms will result in loss of hours, reduction of your Employability skill grade, inability to participate in practical projects, a write up for repeat offenses could also result in detention at home schools and your participation in the ACTA cosmetology program will be re-evaluated.

    All work must be completed and included in your notebooks at the end of the semester during week of finals. A grade will be given on the notebook, so it is very important that you keep all papers in the notebook for the entire year and then some.

    Make Up Work, Hours/ Extra Credit
    I am under no obligation to accept "free-will" make-up work. If under VERY unusual conditions, I do accept such work; your grade will be lowered starting at but not limited to 20% and up to 99.9% daily.

    ALL test and quizzes will be taken within the week given. If you miss an IN-CLASS assignment and you are absent "free-will" you will not be allowed to turn in that assignment, it will result in a 0.
    When homework is assigned, I will not ask you to turn in your homework that is your responsibility to know to turn it in on the turn in site in the classroom also check the board.

    If you are here when I assign an assignment, but are absent the day it is due, I will being to take 20% off of the top and there after each day it is late, to the 100% level.

    Bell work will not be accepted after due date and the grade will result in a 0. Bell work is an "In-class" assignment only.

    Extra credit will not be given, do the best on work assigned.

    It is expected that you be here every day for class to make the required amount of hours.

    Cell Phones/blue tooth devices
    All cell phones, blue tooth devices must be turned OFF not just on vibrate when the student is participating in any lecture, laboratory, or other learning activity during class time. This devise should remain in the space provided, like a locker. Devices should not be on the students person at any time. All rules will be followed concerning all technological devices.

    Personal computers: lap tops, I-pads may be used in class for note taking and classroom personal, professional use. Please see information on lost/stolen/broken personal belongings.

    No phones calls during class time, if you have to make an urgent call please use your cell phone before or after class. If your cell phone is out or even seen it can and WILL be taken up and your Guardian may come and get it only during my office hours and points will be deducted from your Employability Skill grade.

    Please see the ACT Academy booklet for more information.

    All class work and exam scores will be returned within two weeks or so. If you are absent when papers are returned please see Mrs. King to receive papers or test grades. You will be required to take a final, written and/or practical exam at the end of each semester. The exam must be passed with an 75% or better to proceed to the next level. If you fail an exam except for a final, (No make up for Final tests) it is up to you to retake it, (regular test,) quizzes. Make-up tests and re-takes will be scheduled as time allows.

    NOTE: The professor reserves the right to make changes in the outline at any time...

    Every student will have sanitation duties assigned to them for every day of class. There will be a monitor to watch and sign off on students jobs. This person will tell other students if they need to complete or redo a job if needed, in only a professional manner. When the monitor gives okay for jobs and I see that jobs didn't get done, both monitor and students of that job will have points deducted from Employability Skill grade.
    Rude behavior is not tolerated to Mrs. King, Mrs. McCorvey, any other professor on campus or another student.

    Cheating is not tolerated. Telling someone what your answer is or letting them look at your paper is considered cheating. Cheating merits a zero for the assignment with no chance to make up the work along with a write-up and your participation in the ACTA cosmetology will be re-evaluated.
    Offering the work of another as ones own, without proper acknowledgment, is plagiarism; therefore, any student who fails to give credit for quotations or essentially identical expression of material taken from books, encyclopedias, magazines, internet sites and other reference works, or from the themes, reports, off the internet or other writings of a fellow student, is guilty of plagiarism. Plagiarism violates the academic honesty policy and is considered cheating. Any forms of Plagiarism will be grounds for being exempt from extra and all privileges. Other discipline actions will be taken on all Plagiarism incidents.

    You must do assigned work, and must be willing to be worked on, this is a hands-on class. Refusal of work (either on or giving) will merit a write-up and a strong proposal to the Dean for your removal from class.

    Please try not to go to the bathroom during class, however, do what you need to. If there is a constant habit of going to bathroom a doctors note will be in order. Please do your business ASAP and come back. You will have a break time (AM Only) that is when you will need to go.

    There are vending machines outside in the hall. You may stop at the vending machine during break. Please do not stop while on your way to class, or after class is dismissed. There is no time except for break time to stop at the machine.

    Each student must complete in the semester at least 90% of their required hours to continue to the next level.

    The professor is not responsible for any lost or stolen, BROKEN equipment, jewelry, clothing, personal belonging, personal technological devices or such things that have been assigned to the student for use in classroom/lab setting. The professor reserves the right to set out any student in a lab/ hands-on assignment/setting who are not following any or all safety or sanitation rules/procedures for as long as the professor sees fit. Students will be held responsible for any missed days or assignments for not passing any or all safety tests or assignments given. The student will be held responsible for any and all hands-on assignments that the student has been set out for because of not following all sanitation and safety guidelines that the professor has assigned. The professor is the one who sees to it that all safety and sanitation rules and procedures are followed as close as possible and that accidents should not occur. The professor can and will give a safety test at any time and the student must pass the said test to begin any and all hands-on/lab assignments. There will be no horse playing in the lab or classroom!

    In this class there are some practical/hands-on activities that we will be doing. However, there will be no inappropriate touching of any kind. If this does happen your participation in the ACTA cosmetology program will be reevaluated.

    Horse playing consists of but not limited to... Water bottle fights, throwing objects, pulling chairs out as student is sitting down, etc. Some of these things could also be considered as assault.

    This is a no bullying zone/campus. This is included on the bus trips to and from the NMJC. Bullying as in physical, verbal, cyber of any kind is not tolerated.


    Students will be held responsible for the information on these pages.

    Academic Honesty
    Each student is expected to maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity in online academic and professional matters. The College reserves the right to take disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal, against any student who is found guilty of academic dishonesty or otherwise fails to meet these standards. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, dishonesty in quizzes, tests, or assignments; claiming credit for work not done or done by others; and nondisclosure or misrepresentation in filling out applications or other College records. Cheating or gaining illegal information for any type of graded work is considered dishonest and will be dealt with accordingly.

    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Information
    Any student requiring special accommodations should contact the Special Needs Student Services Coordinator at (575) 492-2576 or by e-mail at

    Attendance Policy
    Attendance is required at every session of each course for which the student is enrolled. When unavoidable circumstances make attendance impossible, students must provide a satisfactory explanation of their absences to their professors. College-sponsored activities are considered excused absences and the appropriate sponsor of those students who will be absent from class will notify professors. Students having absences due to college-sponsored activities will need to make arrangements with the affected classes / professor to take care of required work; however, arrangements for make-ups should be made within a reasonable time frame, usually within one week of the absence. Regarding make-up work, absences due to late registration are considered the same as regular absences.

    Cell Phones/Pagers
    All cell phones and pagers must be turned off when the student is participating in any lecture, laboratory, or other learning activity.

    Classroom Conduct
    The professor is responsible for maintaining a class environment best suited for effective learning. By registering for this class, the student is assumed to have entered into an agreement with New Mexico Junior College and the professor to attend the class regularly and to behave in an appropriate manner at all times. Disruptive behavior may result in the student being removed from the class.

    Food and Drink Policy
    Food items and soft drinks may not be consumed in NMJC classrooms. Students are also discouraged from bringing food and drink items into the classroom even though these items remain in sealed packaging. Bottled water is permissible.

    No Children in the Classroom
    In order to adhere to instructional procedures as well as maintain the safety of children, NMJC’s policy of no children in the classrooms (lecture, lab, etc.) will be followed.

    Offering the work of another as one’s own, without proper acknowledgment, is plagiarism; therefore, any student who fails to give credit for quotations or essentially identical expression of material taken from books, encyclopedias, magazines and other reference works, or from the themes, reports, or other writings of a fellow student, is guilty of plagiarism. Plagiarism violates the academic honesty policy and is considered cheating.

    Smoking/Use of Tobacco
    New Mexico Junior College is cognizant of the health hazards associated with smoking / use of tobacco for the smoker, as well as the non-smoker. In an effort to provide a healthy environment for students, employees, and others who may frequent the campus, NMJC prohibits smoking / use of tobacco inside any campus building or facility.

    Tutoring Assistance
    Free tutoring services are available to all NMJC students through Brainfuse and the Academic Success Center located in Mansur Hall room 123 and 124.

    Withdrawal Policy
    Regular, punctual attendance is required for all classes at NMJC. Although the professor has the right to drop any student who has missed the equivalent of 2 weeks of instruction (based on a 16 week semester) whether it’s a face to face, online, or a hybrid course, it is not guaranteed that the professor will drop the student. If the student chooses to stop attending a class, he/she should withdraw from the class by accessing your student account in the T-Bird Web Portal at, or submitting the required paperwork to the Registrar’s Office by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 21, 2016. All students are encouraged to discuss their class status with the professor prior to withdrawing from the class.


    NOTE: The professor reserves the right to make changes in the outline with one class meeting notification prior to the date of the change. Classroom participation is expected and required of all students in the course. This is part of your grade. If you have a health issue that would prohibit participation, a doctorfs note is required. If you have a problem with your work please see me for assistance.

    First Semester
    Tentative Fall-2017

    * Week One:
    Find room, play some get to know you games
    Go over rules, procedures, bell work and syllabus, nameplates, info cards
    What is going to happen for the next few weeks.
    Start up new hour sheets
    Pictures for state board -Wednesday 8/24
    Find locker, get T-shirt sizes
    All classroom supplies due 8/26/17 (Friday)

    Week two...
    Pass out books
    Begin lecture over the first chapters
    Chapter 1 History and career opportunities
    Chapter 2 Life skills
    Chapter 3 Your professional Image
    Chapter 4 Communication
    College success:
    Ch. 8 Communication, Assignments, reading, group discussions
    Ch. 10 Money; Assignments, reading, group discussions, tests
    CH. 11 Health; Assignments, reading, group discussions, tests
    Several gin-classh assignments
    Chapter Tests for end of each chapterc
    Total hours out Monday 8/31/17
    No school on Sept 5th!! Labor Day
    Theory Workbook assignments
    Review questions assigned/due for chapter 1-4
    Chapter 5, Infection Control
    Watch Videos over Ch. 5
    Procedures in chapter 5 (Milady pgs. 96, 97 and 102) page # is subject to change
    Procedures due Wednesday -look on board for exact due date!!
    Bell work assignments
    Several gin-classh assignments
    Pop Quizzes are to be expected
    Window panes due
    College Success:
    CH. 1 Discovering yourself, Assignments, reading, group discussions, tests
    Ch. 2 Time, Assignments, reading, group discussions, tests
    Ch. 5 Notes, Assignments, reading, group discussions, tests
    Ch. 9 Diversity, Assignments, reading, group discussions, tests
    Ch. 7 Thinking, Assignments, reading, group discussions, tests
    Hours due 9/30/17, 10/31/17, 11/30/17, 12/9/17
    No school:
    No Hobbs- 9-27, 10/10,
    No Lovington- 9/21, 10/10, 10/26
    October 21, 2017 NMJC in-service
    November 3rd County wide in-service
    Thanksgiving break November 23-27/ 2017
    Not all school days are listed.