Salon Business/Board Review


  2. A. Course Title: Salon Business/Board Review
    B. Course Number: COSM 222 - 10613
    C. Semester: Spring 2012
    D. Days/Time: M T W Th 8:00:00 AM - 5:00:00 PM
    E. Credit Hours: 2
    F. Instructor: Vick, Maria Elena
    G. Office: none
    H. Email Address:
    I. Office Phone: none
    J. Office Hours: Monday: 7:30:00 AM-8:00:00 AM (MST);
    Tuesday: 7:30:00 AM-8:00:00 AM (MST);
    Wednesday: 7:30:00 AM-8:00:00 AM (MST);
    Thursday: 7:30:00 AM-8:00:00 AM (MST);
    Friday office hours are by appointment only.
    K. Time Zone: Mountain Time
    L. Prerequisite(s): Must have a New Mexico Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists student permit number.
    M. Corequisite(s):
    N. Class Location: WH118

    This course is taken during the last semester of the Cosmetology Program. It provides theoretical discussion and presentations relating to opening a salon and creating a business plan. Issues reviewed are written agreements, related regulations and laws, salon operations, policies, practices, personnel, compensation, payroll deductions, telephone etiquette, advertising, retail and salesmanship, client communication, public relations, insurance, and salon safety. Theoretical components of the departmental courses are reviewed in preparation for the written portion of the State Board Exam. This is a two credit hour course.


    This course is designed for students to gain knowledge for a career in Cosmetology. It prepares the student for state licensure that leads to the opportunity for entry level employment. Credits earned at NMJC may transfer to most private/public institutions offering licensure programs. Any general Education course credits earned as part of an associate Degree Program may or may not transfer to another college or university. The student transfering to a 4 yr. college/university should inquire at the select institution to whether the courses will transfer




    TEXT Pivot Point Salon Fundamentals and related workbooks
    Milady’s Illustrated Cosmetology Dictionary second edition
    State Law Book
    Student Handbook

    SUPPLIES 1-5” 3 ring binder
    1-3” 3 ring binder
    1-2” 3 ring binder
    2- #2 pencils
    2 black ink pens only
    1 box of plastic sleeves
    8 packs of Scantron # 882-es
    1- timer
    Permanent markers (black)
    Permanent marker (silver)
    Notebook paper
    Appointment book

    Uniform—colored smock, black or white slacks. Black or white professional
    Closed leather polishable shoes. Nylons or trouser socks only. Name tag
    2 maniquins



    You can buy your books online at the NMJC Bookstore.


    Students attending New Mexico Junior College will be evaluated according to the following grading scale:

    						90 - 100%	=	A
    						80 -  89%	=	B
    						70 -  79%	=	C
    						60 -  69%	=	D
    					 	 0 -  59%	=	F

    You will be evaluated according to the following grading scale (*note: different than NMJC policy)

    A = 100-94
    B = 93-87
    C = 86-80

    Cosmetology Practical
    Attendance 35%
    Exams 15%
    Professional 10%
    Practical 10%
    Special Projects 10%
    Final 20%
    The New Mexico Junior College Cosmetology Department standards for all courses are set at an 80% passing grade to take the state test for licensure


    New Mexico Junior College’s institutional student learning outcomes represent the knowledge and abilities developed by students attending New Mexico Junior College. Upon completion students should achieve the following learning outcomes along with specific curriculum outcomes for respective areas of study:


    At the completion of this course the student should be able to understand the fundamental skills of working in or opening a salon. Additionally, the student should be able to understand the importance of customer service as it relates to the beauty industry.


    At the completion of this course the student should be able to:
    1. List ways to go into business for yourself
    2. List factor when opening a salon
    3. Name and describe types of ownership, structure, operations and requirements
    4. Explain the importance of accurate business records
    5. List effective forms of advertising
    6. List the steps necessary to search for a job
    7. Design an employee handbook and understand the importance
    8. Construct a salon
    9. Review and understand the rules and regulations of the NM State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologist
    10. Define Customer Service
    11. Describe ways to improve customer service
    12. Define the techniques used to recommend retail products to clients
    13. Identify buyer types
    14. Describe retail displays and inventory control procedures
    15. Identify job benefits
    16. Identify and practice good salon teamwork


    Regular, punctual attendance is required for all classes in the Cosmetology/Barber program. The Cosmetology faculty believes that attendance and punctuality is required at every session of each course for which the student is enrolled. Therefore, you MUST be present at your assigned time. An attendance policy is included in every course syllabus. When unavoidable circumstances make attendance impossible, students must provide a satisfactory explanation of their absences to their professor verbally and in writing. Unavoidable circumstances are considered but not limited to: accidents, death, and hospitalization of immediate family members and court ordered subpoenas.

    As an NMJC Cosmetology/Barber program student, you will be expected
    to maintain a minimum of 90% attendance for the semester. You will be dropped from the program if you are absent for more than 6 days (48 hours) this semester.
    A “tardy” will be defined as missing a total of ˝ day (4 hours in total). Two (2) tardies will equal 1(one) full absence. When an NMJC Cosmetology/Barber student is absent, he/she will receive a recorded absence, against the 90% attendance requirement.

    Clinic experiences are a vital component of the Cosmetology/Barber education. Clinic absences are not acceptable. If the student is absent the clinic instructor must be personally notified at least one hour prior to the start of each day. If a student fails to notify the instructor prior to the absence, the student will receive written counseling.

    The Cosmetology faculty does not accept make-up work. The student will be given the opportunity to retake a failed exam (except for mid terms, finals) (1) one time in the testing center. Your highest grade will be recorded.

    The student must have satisfactorily completed the practical and theoretical curriculum requirements set forth by New Mexico Junior College. Those requirements must include documentation that the student has satisfactorily completed each unit of study prescribed by the board in the applicable course of study.

    Students may not be called from a scheduled theory class to perform services on the public.

    See also NMJC policy for:

    Attendance, classroom conduct, academic honesty, grade distribution, food and drink, smoking and children in the classroom.


    Students will be held responsible for the information on these pages.

    Academic Honesty
    Each student is expected to maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity in online academic and professional matters. The College reserves the right to take disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal, against any student who is found guilty of academic dishonesty or otherwise fails to meet these standards. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, dishonesty in quizzes, tests, or assignments; claiming credit for work not done or done by others; and nondisclosure or misrepresentation in filling out applications or other College records. Cheating or gaining illegal information for any type of graded work is considered dishonest and will be dealt with accordingly.

    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Information
    Any student requiring special accommodations should contact the Special Needs Student Services Coordinator at (575) 492-2576 or by e-mail at

    Attendance Policy
    Attendance is required at every session of each course for which the student is enrolled. When unavoidable circumstances make attendance impossible, students must provide a satisfactory explanation of their absences to their professors. College-sponsored activities are considered excused absences and the appropriate sponsor of those students who will be absent from class will notify professors. Students having absences due to college-sponsored activities will need to make arrangements with the affected classes / professor to take care of required work; however, arrangements for make-ups should be made within a reasonable time frame, usually within one week of the absence. Regarding make-up work, absences due to late registration are considered the same as regular absences.

    Cell Phones/Pagers
    All cell phones and pagers must be turned off when the student is participating in any lecture, laboratory, or other learning activity.

    Classroom Conduct
    The professor is responsible for maintaining a class environment best suited for effective learning. By registering for this class, the student is assumed to have entered into an agreement with New Mexico Junior College and the professor to attend the class regularly and to behave in an appropriate manner at all times. Disruptive behavior may result in the student being removed from the class.

    Food and Drink Policy
    Food items and soft drinks may not be consumed in NMJC classrooms. Students are also discouraged from bringing food and drink items into the classroom even though these items remain in sealed packaging. Bottled water is permissible.

    No Children in the Classroom
    In order to adhere to instructional procedures as well as maintain the safety of children, NMJC’s policy of no children in the classrooms (lecture, lab, etc.) will be followed.

    Offering the work of another as one’s own, without proper acknowledgment, is plagiarism; therefore, any student who fails to give credit for quotations or essentially identical expression of material taken from books, encyclopedias, magazines and other reference works, or from the themes, reports, or other writings of a fellow student, is guilty of plagiarism. Plagiarism violates the academic honesty policy and is considered cheating.

    Smoking/Use of Tobacco
    New Mexico Junior College is cognizant of the health hazards associated with smoking / use of tobacco for the smoker, as well as the non-smoker. In an effort to provide a healthy environment for students, employees, and others who may frequent the campus, NMJC prohibits smoking / use of tobacco inside any campus building or facility.

    Tutoring Assistance
    Free tutoring services are available to all NMJC students through Brainfuse and the Academic Success Center located in Mansur Hall room 123 and 124.

    Withdrawal Policy
    Regular, punctual attendance is required for all classes at NMJC. Although the professor has the right to drop any student who has missed the equivalent of 2 weeks of instruction (based on a 16 week semester) whether it’s a face to face, online, or a hybrid course, it is not guaranteed that the professor will drop the student. If the student chooses to stop attending a class, he/she should withdraw from the class by accessing your student account in the T-Bird Web Portal at, or submitting the required paperwork to the Registrar’s Office by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 19, 2012. All students are encouraged to discuss their class status with the professor prior to withdrawing from the class.




    17 Orientation
    18 Chapter 6 Salon Business
    ***Salon Business Semester Project (will be used for assessment)
    ** Semester Hair project-- assessment on critical thinking
    19 Salon Business work Sheets DUE

    23 Ch. 6 Salon Business Test (business name business cards due)
    24 Work on business handouts
    25 Perms
    26 Perms

    30 salon business work sheets
    31 Perms

    1 *** Rubrics/circle sheets (will be used for assessment) Critical Thinking
    2 Rubrics/circle sheets

    6 state laws
    7 Rubrics/circle sheets
    8 Rubrics/circle sheets
    9 Rubrics/circle sheets

    13 State law test/
    Smart Styles
    Customer Service
    15 Rubrics/circle sheets
    16 Rubrics/circle sheets

    21 Final Resumes, Cover letters, due
    22 Rubrics/circle sheets
    23 Rubrics/circle sheets/ Customer service test

    27 State laws
    28 Rubrics/circle sheets
    29 Rubrics/ circle sheets

    1 Salon evaluations due

    5 Mid Terms 100 Comprehensive questions on all chapters and 25 questions
    On State laws
    Work on Salon Project/ draft of Employee handbook
    6 Rubrics/ circle sheets
    7 Rubrics/ circle sheets
    8 Rubrics
    Salon evaluations due

    12-18 SPRING BREAK

    19 Styles
    20 Styles
    21 Styles
    22 Styles

    24 CUT A THON (mandatory attendance)

    26 Rubrics/ circle sheets
    27 Rubrics/ circle sheets
    28 Rubrics/ circle sheets
    29 Rubrics/ circle sheets


    2 Final Packets Issue
    3 Final Practice
    4 Final Practice
    5 Final Practice

    9 Final Practice/Rubrics
    10 Final Practice/Rubrics
    11 Final Practice
    12 Rubrics/Circle Sheets

    16 Final Practice Timed
    17 Rubrics/Circle Sheets
    Student award ceremony 4:30pm
    18 Rubrics/Circle Sheets
    19 Rubrics/Circle Sheets
    Last day to withdraw

    27 Pinning practice
    28 Pinning 2:00 pm

    30 Notebooks Due 8:00 am. (No exceptions)
    Salon projects and semester projects due
    8:00 am

    1 Final practice
    2 last lab day
    Rubrics due
    3 clean up day mandatory day

    7 Written Finals All Classes 8:00 am
    Practical Finals Cosmo III & IV 12:30 pm
    8 Practical Finals Cosmo II & Esthetician 8:00am
    Practical Finals Cosmo I & Barbers 12:00 pm
    9 Student Evaluations

    *****Note: All study guides and chapter assignments are due on test days at 8:00am. Some assignments may be due at other assigned times; at the discretion of the instructor.
    Please be aware of those times as they will be posted. Late work will not be accepted. Schedule is subject to change. Students will be given a one (1) week notice of any changes that may occur. Make up exams will be taken 1 time only.
    Final exams are mandatory to continue to the next level
    ** Rubrics and circle sheets will be used for assessment on course Cosm 220 clinic practicum and the semester salon project will be used for assessment for course COSM 222 salon business.