Advanced Career Technology (ACT) Welding Program

The Advanced Career Technology (ACT) welding program offers opportunities for high school juniors and seniors, living in the Lea county area, to earn credit towards an advanced college degree and job skills.

Welding I & II
Sem. 1 Course #WE 037
Sem. 2 Course #WE 047
A two-semester program

The Welding Technology program is designed to provide basic job entry level skills and theory related to the welding area. Areas presented for this program will include safety, joint work, pattern layout and development, basic reading of shop drawings, math related to welding techniques, and basic welding processes.

Prerequisite: A strong interest in welding as a vocational choice. A good attendance record, desire to learn and demonstrating a mature and positive mental attitude, will be definite advantages to success in this course of study. All members of this class will be required to pass the shop safety test 100%. A "Safety-Minded" group will feel comfortable working with and around welding for the academic year. The class will require three (3) periods.

Textbook: No textbook will be required. Lectures, demonstrations, films, memos, class discussions and reference material will be used.

General Course Requirements/Activities: Student activities include the study of welding related work, safe trade practices, joint work (plate and pipe) in four basic welding positions and techniques of three basic welding processes: OFW, SMAW, and GMAW. Students who demonstrate good work habits, welding skills and the ability to work with others may become involved in individual projects that will be taken home. Students may be allowed to compete in contests and display his/her work for public viewing. All project work must be cleared by the instructor before work begins.

Methods of Evaluation: Permanent grade and attendance records will be maintained on a weekly basis. The grades will be a composite of:

  1. Written and practical testing in the laboratory.
  2. Shop care and maintenance.
  3. Attitude, class participation, cooperation with co-workers and instructor.
  4. Attendance.

Tools/Equipment/Uniforms/Supplies required:

Furnished by NMJC:
All tools and miscellaneous supplies will be provided. Parts for an individual's project will be furnished by the project owner.

Furnished by Student:

  1. Work clothing, cotton clothing suitable for welding.
  2. Leather shoes, no tennis shoes or sandals.
  3. Welding hat for under the hood, no baseball hats are to be used.
  4. Notebook, pen or pencil.
  5. Padlock for a locker (Combination type please). Lockers will be assigned for work clothing in the student dressing room.

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